By Buddy Blouin

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the bar scene from 1775? Well, soon you’ll get your chance. The Tun Tavern is being rebuilt and has plans to be operational by 2025. Beyond its promising prospects to honor the historic watering hole, the rebuild is bringing back a place sacred to Marines in all of its former glory.

Does Tun Tavern Still Exist?

Tun Tavern was burned down in 1781 near the end of the American Revolution but it’s being rebuilt thanks to the efforts of a non-profit determined to carry on its legacy.

The Tun Tavern Legacy Foundation is spearheading the effort and will recreate and operate the birthplace of the Marine Corps.

Situated on the water, the new Tun Tavern Philadelphia location is very close to the original location, only about 250 yards from its original site.

In addition to the Tun Tavern Marine Corps connection, Sailors can also rejoice as the location is where John Adams wrote the documents to formally organize the U.S. Navy.

Those looking to celebrate the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia can do so in November 2024 during the groundbreaking ceremony.

Better still, the Navy and Marine Corps’ 250th Homecoming Celebration in 2025 is when the grand opening of The Tun is scheduled to take place.

Visitors will not only get to enjoy food and drinks at the replica similar to those of the colonies, but will also be able to enjoy exhibits, view historical documents, and can take part in a variety of special events.

Supporting the Rebuild

The Tun Tavern Legacy Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization working to rebuild the historical landmark and has ties to many different organizations that were formed within The Tun. This includes the Marines, the Navy, and many others.

Overall, restoring the site is expected to bring millions of dollars into the area with an annual cash generation of more than $34 million.

This isn’t the first time someone has attempted to rebuild The Tun but those efforts pale in comparison, as the organized groups working to restore the site now all have personal ties to the property.

The Tun Tavern Philly project is going to look to replicate the traditional architecture, materials, and layout of the original site.

Being a fully operational restaurant, the money generated will go to a wealth of causes bolstering the property’s legacy even further.

At the core of those receiving the donation will be the Veteran community, Masonic charities, and various qualified charities, and some funds will also help cover the cost of education for students who qualify.

Get Involved and Donate to the Tun Tavern Today

The restoration will add to the area’s already impressive list of historical properties that helped found and shaped Philadelphia and our nation as a whole.

If you would like to get involved, you can contribute to the rebuilding of Tun Tavern online.

Donors can receive updates and perks, and you can also purchase clothing, mugs, and gear to help the project while retaining your piece of history to go along with it.

Tun Tavern is a place that deserves the restoration it’s receiving. The fact that soon people from all walks of life can gather once again to grab a pint and honor the birthplace of many of our nation’s troops makes it all the better.

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