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    6 Tips to Your First PCS

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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, home to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing. Since Oct. 1, 1997, Marines and Sailors have been living and working aboard the 23,000-acre facility.

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Starting Out

MCAS Miramar is on the northern edge of San Diego. Directions to the air station when using any of the following major freeways heading northbound are as follows:

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Miramar’s military roots began in 1917, when the U.S. Army purchased the Miramar area and established Camp Kearny. The camp was used as a demobilization center after the war, but ceased to function as a military base and languished for 12 years.

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3rd MAW receives new commanding general
Story by Cpl Alissa Schuning on 07/22/2016

Rocco took command of 3rd MAW on June 17, 2014, and is heading to Manpower and Reserve Affairs at Headquarters Marine Corps.

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Scout Snipers, Marines with VMM-164 conduct initial fast-rope training
Story by Sgt Lillian Stephens on 07/08/2016

During the training, Marines with 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment secured a rope to an MV-22B Osprey with VMM-164, boarded the aircraft and slid to the ground while the Osprey hovered 30 to 50 feet above a landing zone.

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VMM-165 conducts training to maintain mission readiness
Story by PFC Liah Kitchen on 07/01/2016

"We need to conduct the training to be able to maneuver in a high threat environment," said Sgt. Kevin Rodriguez, a crew chief with VMM-165. "Furthering the proficiency of the squadron enables us to be capable of landing anywhere the Marine Corps needs us to land."

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Story by Cpl Natalie Dillon on 07/25/2016

Lt. Col. Matthew Humphrey, the commanding officer of HMLA-367, compared the training environment here to Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California. Twentynine Palms is the Marine Corps' biggest and best site for combined arms exercises, he said, but Pohakuloa Training Area offers aviators training opportunities that can't be found anywhere else while still providing ample area to fly complex close air support missions.

Story by SGT Jorge Higuera on 07/25/2016
The Mungadai draws its name from some of Genghis Khan's most elite soldiers and evolved to give modern-day warriors a chance to build resiliency and develop agile and adaptive leaders.
"I wanted to go out and challenge our leaders mentally and physically, test their resolve and, most importantly, give them the opportunity to show themselves they have what it takes. The events weren't easy and they certainly rose to the challenge," said Lt. Col. Mike LaBrecque, the commander of the 308th BSB.
The 17 stations of LaBrecque's leader development event included a 12-mile ruck, medical skills tests, a combat-style stress shoot, a confidence obstacle course and, most dauntingly, a 10-foot helocast from a Chinook into American Lake.
"What a great day for the leaders of the 308th BSB! Everyone performed exceptionally well and I feel honored to be surrounded by Soldiers who are willing to face pain, their fears and adversity with tenacity and courage," said 1st Sgt. Douglas Wilderman, the first sergeant of the 256th Signal Company, 308th BSB and native of Taylor, Michigan.
The helocast was the highlight of the event for the family and friends who turned out to watch the action from dry land a half-mile away.
"It was one of the most exciting things I have done so far in the Army. Looking out the back of the bird, seeing the distance between us and the water and realizing that I was about to jump was incredible. At the time, I could barely believe it was actually happening," said 1st Lt. Paul Kim, an operations officer with the 308th BSB and graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara.
LaBrecque said this event has helped to build a team of warriors and prepare them for the challenges that lay ahead in their careers.
"We are working as part of larger efforts inside the 17th FAB and 7th Infantry Division to develop confident, competent and engaged leaders who internalize the Army profession and are able to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances on the battlefield," said LaBrecque.
While the spectators came for the helocast, the leaders of the 308th found the day was more than an adrenaline rush brought on by free-fall. With more than 22 years in the Army, this is not the first time Wilderman has found himself jumping from a helicopter.
"I believe the shared hardship makes you want to be better for your fellow Soldiers and always be more concerned about the person next you than you are about yourself. This really brings on a sense of selfless service, a love for your fellow Soldiers and the drive to do your very best."

For more information, contact Capt. Pete Mrvos, the 17th Field Artillery Brigade Public Affairs Officer at Commercial: (814) 573-3713, or peter.r.mrvos.mil@mail.mil.

Story by A1C Sean Campbell on 07/25/2016

"We will continue to expand on the air refueling center of excellence ideology already deeply rooted throughout Fairchild," Samuelson said. "'Fueling freedom's fight,' those are not just hollow words. They're synonymous with passion, heritage, distinction and accomplishment for this great wing and this base."

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