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At our core, MyBaseGuide is committed to our audience: the military community. We are here for all those actively serving our nation to be your resource, and reference for all-things military and base-related. Our reputation for integrity, trustworthiness, and the highest ethical standards is well known throughout the entire United States military community. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality resources to service members at every stage in their career, from MEPS to retirement.

Our Mission

MyBaseGuide is a military-specific digital publication; however, our reach extends into your local community when delivering our targeted digital advertisements. This is to ensure each business sees a continued return from our services regardless of the ebbs and flows of military needs.

We proudly prioritize our military audience while also improving your visibility to the broader community our partners serve. The stories of sacrifice and heroism from our nation’s military serve as inspiration, this is why we strive to share compelling copy that helps our servicemen/women navigate life while serving in the military, while also celebrating their bravery.

MyBaseGuide Is Your Comprehensive Installation Guide

MyBaseGuide.com is a thorough digital resource for all active-duty military personnel, civilians, and their families who live and work on a military base within the United States. A complete guide to bases across all branches of military, ads on MBG can be targeted to hyperlocal areas to get business from residents in precise areas and neighborhoods, on base or off.

The quintessential business directory for military discounts, MyBaseGuide is the go-to place for everything the military community needs to know about their new or current installation.

MyBaseGuide’s Origin Story

MyBaseGuide began in 1966 as a print publication. Before the digital age and the internet, our print publication was distributed to all of the bases in the United States. At the time, this was just around 178 installations.

In 2020, MyBaseGuide made the switch to a digital publication platform. Since then, we have slowly expanded our reach and are now proudly serving over 219 installations as a digital relocation resource for members of the military.

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MyBaseGuide actively encourages feedback to help us better serve those serving us. Please contact us with your feedback or suggestions. Stay up-to-date with the latest blog articles, installation guides, developments, and military news. Follow us on social media.

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