Raeford, NC 28376, USA


Digital Relocation/Welcome Guide


A: AAFES - Automotive Services

Location: Bldg. 8-5476-C, Woodruff Street
Phone: 436-3535

Location: Bldg. C-5934, Ardennes Street
Phone: 436-4265

Phone: 436-0101

B: Banks - Bus Service

Location: Bldg. 1-1326, Corner of Malcom and Armistead Streets

Location: Bldg. C 5934, Ardennes Street
Phone: 436-0101

D-F: Dental Clinics/DENTAC - Fort Bragg Area Community Foundation

Location: Bldg. 4-1838, Normandy Drive
Phone: 432-6190/4227
Fax: 432-3475

Location: Bldg. C-6238, Ardennes Road
Phone: 432-8170/3515
Fax: 432-3023

G-L: Golf Courses - Lodging/Billeting

Location: 426 Souter Place
Phone: 495-0878
Fax: 436-0643

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday | 0800-1700
Saturday | 1000-1500

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday | 0800-1800*
Saturday | 1000-1700*

M-P: Marketing - Post Office

Location: Law Enforcement Center,
Bldg. 2-5634, (adjacent to the intersection of Butner Road and Armistead Street)
Phone: 396-0391/0392 Fax 396-4414
Phone: 322-3418 ACS Victim Advocate Hotline

T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville

Location: Bldg. 2-7606, Reilly Road
Phone: 396-9120
Fax: 396-3882

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday | 0800-1600*
Weekends and federal holidays | Closed
*Closed the last working day of the month.


Muscatatuck chosen to host first live public affairs exercise

Before the Indiana National Guard received the location in July 2005, the sprawling 1,000 acre oasis was home to over 8,000 mental patients as the former Muscatatuck State Developmental Center. Built in 1919, it contained 19 buildings devoted to the health, welfare and happiness of the mentally disabled. When the military bought the instillation in 2005, they kept the original structures and added even more. Currently there are 127 structures to better accommodate versatility that is needed in today's training operations. Some recent additions include a flooded village, dilapidated favela, rundown motel, eerie theatre, and a ramshackle parking garage.

Army Aviation soars through CSTX

Story by SPC Christopher Hernandez on 08/22/2016

The 7th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment, out of Olathe, Kansas, lent their support to the 824th Quartermaster Company, an Army Reserve unit out of Fort Bragg, N.C., during the Combat Support Training Exercise on Aug. 17, 2016, in Fort McCoy, Wis. The primary focus of the 158th Aviation Regiment Chinook crew members was coordinating with Soldiers on the ground to transport cargo.

Lone Star Gunfighter soars at Pentagon

Story by 2nd Lt. Phil Fountain on 08/22/2016

Air Force Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel of Bulverde, Texas, succeeds Army Gen. Frank J. Grass, as the Pentagon's senior National Guard leader and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Grass, a Missouri National Guardsman, is scheduled to retire later this month after four decades of military service.

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