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Imperial Sergeant Takes Home Silver In All Army Boxing Tournament

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Story by SGT Mariah Jones on 03/27/2019
FORT BLISS, TEXAS- Staff Sgt. Imo Aieti of 2d Battalion, 43d Air Defense Artillery Regiment (2-43 ADA) competed in the 32d Annual All Army Boxing Tournament at Fort Huachuca, Arizona on March 16 and placed second in the middle weight division.
Aside from working as a Tactical Command System (TCS) NCOIC, he dedicated his off time to train before and after work prior to the competition. "My chain of command supported me in this which really helped me prepare for the tournament," said Aieti. Diet is also essential in making weight to compete. SSG Aieti dropped 30 pounds in preparation for the tournament. "I went from 195 to 165 pounds, it wasn't easy," he said.
The All Army Boxing Tournament occurs every year and features boxers from around Army installations who have won their post championship. After selection, about 30 competitors advanced to the All Army Trial Camp this year. The camp is five weeks long and the boxers are put through rigorous training before the competition. "It's pretty intense, you train up to the last day when you compete in the tournament," said Aieti. He elaborated that they ran an average of four miles a day, six days a week while sparring three times a week and conducting other boxing drills, but the intense training didn't intimidate him.
"I enjoy the competiveness of boxing and trying to be the best. A lot of people who watch boxing and don't compete think it's about throwing hands but there's actually a science behind it, it's very interesting. That's what I love about boxing, it's not just the physical part. You have to be mentally prepared," he noted.
As the trial camps concluded, only four boxers advanced to the middle weight division including Aieti.
SSG Aieti won his first match during the tournament and advanced to the final round where he took home Silver in a split decision. "I didn't really agree with the outcome, it was a pretty close fight but I'm looking forward to competing next time," said Aieti.
SSG Aieti has over 60 recorded fights.


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