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NHCPR Delivers Gold Star Care, Earns Blue H Award

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Story by Marcus Henry on 05/17/2018
Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River (NHCPR) earned the Blue H, the Navy Surgeon General's Health Promotion and Wellness Award, Gold Star, May 3, 2018, for the 3rd consecutive year.

The Blue-H Navy Surgeon General's Health Promotion and Wellness Award assists medical treatment facilities in recognizing excellence in clinical primary prevention services, community health promotion, and medical staff health. It guides, encourages, and rewards the promotion of health and wellness in Navy and Marine Corps organizations. It also helps recognize what areas are in need of more focus.

NHCPR submitted applications for itself, and each of its three branch health clinic's (BHC), BHC Dahlgren, BHC Indian Head, and BHC Navy Detachment Malcolm Grow. NHCPR earned the Gold Star, and each of its BHC's received a Silver Eagle award.

"The majority of the points on the application come from the results of the health risk assessment (HRA) that NHCPR staff are asked to complete," said Nicole M. Quinn, NHCPR's health promotion and wellness coordinator. "In addition to receiving points, those results allow me to determine trends, measure return on investment, and plan future health promotion events. Based on the HRA results, we need to decrease body mass index, increase vegetable consumption, and increase the frequency of flossing," explained Quinn.

For Quinn, earning the gold star proves that the Health Promotions and Wellness Department is effective and changing the command for the better.

Quinn explained that the American Dental Association interdental cleaners such as floss are a vital part of taking care of your teeth and gums. Cleaning between teeth removes plaque from the areas a toothbrush is unable to reach. The HRA results did show the use of tobacco has diminished, so that's a plus.

"The Blue H award intimately ties into the readiness of our corpsmen to deploy," said Navy Capt. James C. Young, NHCPR's Commanding Officer. "It also speaks to our commitment to the medical readiness of the supported commands on base to deploy and execute their mission," Young added.

Vice Admiral C. Forrest Faison III, 38th surgeon general of the Navy and chief, U.S. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, signed NHCPR's Blue H pennant and thanked them for their outstanding work on the program during his visit May 8, 2018.

If you are NHCPR beneficiary, and interested in quitting the use of tobacco or making a nutrition appointment, please call 301-757-9469. Personal trainers are available for all active duty members at the drill hall. Please call 301-757-1194 for more information.

The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center manages the Blue H recognition program; 342 Navy and Marine Corps active and reserve units received the Blue H Award this year.

For more information on the Surgeon Generals Blue-H award, visit the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center website.


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