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NAD Commander visits District, regional stakeholders

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Story by AnnMarie Harvie on 12/19/2018
Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Milhorn, North Atlantic Division Commander, went on site visits and met with federal and local partners during his trip to the New England District Oct. 23 and 24. The general stated in his Oct. 11 virtual town meeting that he had planned on traveling to many of the NAD Districts.

Maj. Gen. Milhorn's two-day trip to the District was packed from start to finish with site visits and meetings all over the District. He spent the morning of Oct. 23 at Concord Park, where he met with office chiefs and reviewed the District's community of practice.

The NAD Commander presented the New England District's CRREL RI/FS Project Delivery team, NAE with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Innovation of the Year Award. Maj. Gen. Milhorn also presented commander's coins to the individuals who served on the team Darrell Moore, Daniel Groher, Lawrence Cain, Katherine Malinowski and Steven Potts. The team received the award for their work in identifying potential health threats due to underlying intrusion of trichlorothene (TCE) vapors at CRREL and the solution to reduce those health risks challenged them to find a tool and protocol to respond as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

The North Atlantic Division Commander ended his morning at District headquarters by meeting with the Leadership Development Program team.

Maj. Gen. Milhorn left the District Headquarters to meet with Paul Ford, FEMA Region 1 Administrator and other FEMA personnel to include Mark Gallagher and Scott Smith.

After lunch, Maj. Gen. Milhorn met with Brig. Gen. Vincent Malone, Senior Commander of the Natick Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts. While there, Maj. Gen. Milhorn received a tour of the Systems Center before leaving for Hanscom Air Force Base. Col. William Conde, District Commander, New England District, Lt. Col. Sonny Avichal, Deputy District Commander, Scott Acone, Deputy District Engineer for Programs and Project Management, and Mark Anderson, Chief, Military Construction accompanied Maj. Gen. Milhorn on all the projects he would see that day.

Maj. Gen. Milhorn and the New England District team visited projects that New England District is completing for Hanscom Air Force Base. After the tours, Maj. Gen. Milhorn met with Scott Anderson, Assistant Director, MIT-Lincoln Labs.

Following the meeting, Maj. Gen. Milhorn left for New Bedford, Massachusetts where he visited the New Bedford Superfund Site and the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier. While in New Bedford, the North Atlantic Division Commander also met with Bob Cianciarulo of the EPA Regional Administrator's staff.

Following his visits in New Bedford, Maj. Gen. Milhorn traveled to Boston where he received a project overview and tour of the Muddy River project. He also met with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack to discuss the Cape Cod Canal bridges.

Before leaving to return to Fort Hamilton, Maj. Gen. Milhorn ended his visit to New England District with a tour of the Boston Harbor Improvement Dredging Project.


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