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Photo Essay: Chinook helicopters, crews support training at Fort McCoy

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Story by Scott Sturkol on 07/01/2019
An aircrew with the 2nd Battalion, 238th General Support Aviation Battalion of the Illinois National Guard flew a CH-47 Chinook helicopter on a mission June 12, 2019, from the cantonment area at Fort McCoy, Wis.

Two Chinook helicopters from the battalion were completing heavy helicopter operations in support of the 1st Battalion, 106th Assault Helicopter Battalion annual training at the installation in early June 2019.

According to unit officials, unit Soldiers exercised company-level mission-essential tasks, such as conducting air movement and expeditionary deployment operations as well as forward armor and refueling point procedures.

According to the Army fact sheet for the CH-47, the Chinook supports a full spectrum of operations including disaster relief, homeland defense and security, and current overseas contingency operations.

The CH-47 is the Army's only heavy-lift cargo helicopter supporting critical combat and non-combat operations, the fact sheet states. The CH-47 aircraft has a suite of improved features such as an upgraded digital cockpit featuring the Common Avionics Architecture System, a new monolithic airframe with vibration reduction, and the Digital Automatic Flight Control System, which provides coupled controllability for operations in adverse environments.

The CH-47 has an empty weight of 24,578 pounds and a maximum gross weight of 50,000 pounds, the fact sheet states. The CH-47 can lift intra-theater payloads up to 16,000 pounds in high/hot environments.

Located in the heart of the upper Midwest, Fort McCoy is the only U.S. Army installation in Wisconsin.

The installation has provided support and facilities for the field and classroom training of more than 100,000 military personnel from all services each year since 1984.

Learn more about Fort McCoy online at, on Facebook by searching "ftmccoy," and on Twitter by searching "usagmccoy."


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