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The mission of the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is to build healthy Air Force communities by developing, implementing, and evaluating policies and programs to prevent, intervene in, and treat child and spouse maltreatment. 

Telephone: (937) 257-6429/4608. 
Fax: (937) 656-1402 
Location: Wright-Patterson Medical Center Basement 
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday 

Maltreatment Program: 

The U.S. Air Force is committed to the development of healthy communities in support of our ever-ready global force projection mission. To that end, the Family Advocacy Programs address issues in our families that may impact our readiness or otherwise distract our military workforce from their essential everyday tasks. Maltreatment of family members occurs in our communities, as it does in the civilian communities around our bases. Family Advocacy assesses family functioning, strengths, deficits and exceptional needs and makes recommendations to support and enhance Air Force families' abilities to maintain a high degree of family readiness in support of the Air Force mission. 

Family Advocacy has developed intervention services to address child and spouse maltreatment in our military families. Our goal is to provide prevention and intervention at the earliest sign of difficulty in a family or relationship. Our greatest successes come from immediate, focused, early intervention services for families at risk for maltreatment. 

We also offer classes in Conflict Management. 

How to Recognize Family Maltreatment

Domestic Violence Shelter Information

New Parent Support Program: 

The New Parent Support Program is an all-encompassing plan to provide support and education to military families in the prenatal period and during the first three years postpartum. The program is designed as a non-threatening method to provide basic services on parenting attitudes and serve as a means to identify parents at risk and market postpartum services. It is also recognized as a child abuse prevention program which provide parents with the knowledge needed to encourage optimum brain development during the critical early years. 

Services offered include: Parenting Education; Child Development Education; "What to Expect" Book Series; Educational videos and materials; Handouts on various topics; Informal groups; Supportive Community Based Services; Home visits; Office visits; Phone Consultations. 

New Parent/Baby Care Workshop classes are offered in April and September. 

Fact Sheet Point of Contact
88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
(937) 522-3252


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