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On Sea Duty? NCPACE Distance Learning has FY-19 College Funds Available

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From Naval Education and Training Command Public Affairs

PENSACOLA, Fla. Sailors on sea duty can take advantage of a college funding option still available in FY-19 through Navy College Program for Afloat College Education Distance Learning (NCPACE DL).

NCPACE is for Sailors assigned to Type 2 or Type 4 sea duty commands. Sailors can determine their eligibility for the program and apply through the NCPACE page in the MyNavy Education portal at

Eligible Sailors do not have to be deployed to use it. Sailors who are performing Individual Augmentee (IA) assignments, Overseas Contingency Operations Support Assignments (OSA), and Global War on Terrorism Support Assignments (GSA) may also be eligible for NCPACE while deployed overseas.

Sailors sign up for an NCPACE DL course as an individual, just like using Tuition Assistance (TA). They will be required to complete the participation requirements with NCPACE training, counseling and a degree plan.

The NCPACE application process is very similar to WebTA in the MyNavy Education portal. Applicants select the NCPACE tile and can look for and choose courses through the catalog button. For Sailor ease, the courses listed in the catalog will provide course and school POC information. Eligible Sailors fill out the application, just like for TA, and identify a proctor who will administer any exams. Sailors work with one of the NCPACE schools to register for a class, and if they are not students at NCPACE schools, they need to verify their school will accept the transfer credit for any NCPACE class they want to take.

NCPACE DL applications must be command approved no later than 14 days prior to the institution's official term start date. To meet the timeline for using FY-19 funds, Sailors should plan now and have applications as soon as possible to meet their institution's term start.

For questions regarding the NCPACE DL program, Sailors can:

1. Visit the Navy College Program (NCP) website: to learn about the program, complete required training, submit a Help Request at the Assistance Center, initiate a Live Chat session, send a text to the toll free number, or review knowledge management articles.

2. Within the Continental United States: Contact the Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC) toll free 1-877-838-1659, select option 1, then 6 for NCPACE; DSN 492-4684, Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. EST.

3. Outside the Continental United States: Go to to find your Navy College Office.

Navy College Program is managed by Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center as part of MyNavy HR force development, which ensures that Sailors are equipped with the specific skills they need to do their jobs and have access to educational opportunities to enhance their careers. Sailors can also take advantage of other programs that promote continuous self-improvement through the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) and Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-line (COOL).


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