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JRB New Orleans_2019 Services on Base Fleet and Famiy Support Center

The Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) serves active-duty, activated Reservists and Guardsmen, retirees and family members of all branches of service.

The FFSC at NAS JRB New Orleans is in Building 555 on Rinard Road. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. FFSC is a one-stop shop for information, referrals and assistance.

Contact Us:

Phone 504-678-7569 (DSN 678-7569)

Toll free 888-304-1939

Fax 504-678-9024 (DSN 678-9024)


FFSC SERVICES - We’re Here for You!


The FFSC offers consultations, assessments and counseling services to help with stress, anxiety, anger, deployment, communication, relationship conflicts, work issues, grief and loss, personal concerns, parenting questions and more. Our caring counselors can meet with you individually, as a couple or as a family.

Crisis Response

Whether it’s a personal crisis such as separation, divorce or a death or a large-scale disaster such as a hurricane or mass casualty, the FFSC can assist by providing counseling, emergency case management, preparedness information and recovery assistance.

Deployment Support

The FFSC supports deploying service members, their spouses, children, parents and loved ones through command, individual and family briefs on pre-deployment, mid-deployment, return and reunion, and post-deployment. The FFSC also provides deployment case management, information, coping tips and one-on-one support.

Employment Assistance

Employment services are provided for job seekers who are new to the area, starting over in a new career field or military members transitioning to civilian jobs. Workshops and one-on-one consultations on job searches, career planning, resume writing, interview techniques and more are available. Our Career Resource Center has computers and resource materials to enhance your employment needs. In addition, the FFSC Volunteer Program can boost your job skills.

Exceptional Family Member
Program Support

The FFSC Exceptional Family Member Program liaison provides program information, resources and assistance with enrollment for families with special needs.

Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Services

The Family Advocacy Program offers awareness and prevention programs, consultation, risk assessment and interventions for incidents of domestic and child abuse/neglect.

Financial Readiness Services

JRB New Orleans_2019 Services on Base Fleet and Famiy Support Center Financial Readiness Services

Visit our financial counselor to help you define your financial needs and plan for the future by learning to set short-term and long-term financial goals. We offer individual consultations tailored to your needs. Our financial workshops cover a broad range of financial topics such as planning for retirement, home/car buying, credit management and wealth building. A week-long “Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Training” is offered quarterly to get new CFS members on their feet and as a three-year refresher for current CFS members.

Information and Referral

The FFSC has a wealth of information on military and civilian services and resources. If FFSC doesn’t have the answer to your question, the staff will research it and get back to you.

Life Skills Education

Life skills workshops will strengthen and enrich your life with knowledge, skills and support. The FFSC offers practical and interactive classes on parenting, effective communication, stress and anger management, strengthening relationships, military spouse orientation, caring for parents and adult family members, suicide prevention, effects of divorce on children and more. The FFSC can also put together workshops tailored to the needs of every command.

Navy Gold Star Program Services

The FFSC is your local Navy Gold Star liaison and information location. If you are a spouse, parent or next of kin of a fallen Navy active-duty service member and want more information about this program, please call the FFSC. In September, the FFSC participates in Bells Across America to honor local service members of all branches whom we have lost.

New Parent Support

The New Parent Support Specialist offers parenting education, support and home visits for expectant and new parents (children younger than 4).

Ombudsman Support

The FFSC Ombudsman Coordinator works with family support personnel for all military branches and provides ombudsman training, consultation and support.

Relocation Assistance Program

With individualized consultation and information-filled workshops such as Newcomer’s Orientation, Smooth Move and Sponsorship Training, the FFSC helps make your moving process as smooth as possible. The center maintains several lending lockers available with household goods that you may borrow during your transition to or from New Orleans. For practically everything you need to know about the New Orleans area and our on-base services, call for your Welcome Aboard packet today.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program offers victims 24/7 support and assistance, trains victim advocates and conducts education and prevention programs. To report a sexual assault, call 877-995-5247 (DOD Safe Helpline), 504-329-3476 (NAS JRB NOLA Duty Victim Advocate) or 504-373-0980 (FFSC SAPR Victim Advocate).

Transition GPS

The FFSC provides individual consultations and referrals, employment assistance, vocational guidance and transition information to service members and their spouses. The Transition GPS (TGPS) program provides pre-separation and pre-retirement workshops in addition to entrepreneur, higher education and career technical training to ensure service members and spouses have a seamless transition to civilian life. The Transition GPS program hosts a monthly job fair for transitioning service members and their families.



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