By Allison Kirschbaum

There are many observances this month, one of them being Military Spouse Appreciation Day. This is an annual event that will be happening on May 10. Its primary purpose is to show appreciation for the sacrifices and commitment of military spouses while their husbands are away on a mission to defend the country. The special day was created to celebrate the importance of spouses and empower them to be important in the community. However, you don't need a specific day to celebrate this event. You can always acknowledge a military spouse whenever you see them.

When and What Is Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

The Friday in May before Mother's Day is a special day for military spouses, as this is when their efforts and hard work are recognized. The spouses are given a special day for their impact on other people's lives, their families, and the community.

Brief History of the National Military Spouse Appreciation Day

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan acknowledged the significance of spouses, thus creating the celebration of Military Spouse Appreciation Day. This was made formal via Proclamation 5184, dated April 17, 1984. After that, Congress made it official in 1999 as part of National Military Appreciation Month. Then, the Department of Defense formalized the date, declaring the Friday before Mother's Day to show gratitude for their sacrifices.

The May 7, 2021, celebration was the first of its kind to be held under the Biden-Harris administration. That year highlights the present government's initiative, which has empowered more than 100,000 military spouses with training and employment.

Despite their incredible patriotism and strength, military spouses often have to endure adjustments to new environments, job losses, and learning new skills for survival due to the frequent moves they have endured along with their spouses' deployments.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Military Spouse Appreciation Day

There are also several ways on order to celebrate this event, and here are some of them:

1. Connect With Friends and Family

Gather all the closest friends and family to shower them with quality time. Most military spouses juggle work, finances, schedules, parenting, and household chores, leaving less time to connect with loved ones.

The gathering doesn't have to be an elaborate celebration; you can consider a garden picnic, dinner together, afternoon tea, or even a park trip. You can also have the option to surprise them with a friend or family that they have never seen for a long time.

2. Outdoor Adventure

If you don't have time to set up or plan for the surprise for military spouse appreciation day, how about a day trip instead? Consider going to a sports event, watching a movie, going to a live concert, or theme parks. Be creative and check for exciting places you can visit nearby.

3. Go on a Staycation

If she loves to go on vacation, she can always spend Military Spouse Appreciation Day on a staycation. Look for the most beautiful or the nearest beach, and pack a couple of bags for a day or a weekend trip. Plan some exciting activities like bonfires, sunset watching, water activities, and more.

4. Give Them a Bouquet

Even small gifts can be highly appreciated, especially if some effort is involved. If the military spouse enjoys small acts of love over grand gestures, you opt for flowers, cards, or sweets.

5. Go on a Shopping Spree

Retail therapy can be a great way to show your appreciation. Let her pick anything she wants to make her feel special. If your budget is tight, better communicate if there is a limit for the shopping, or you can opt for affordable stores with budget-friendly price tags.

Celebrating military spouse appreciation day shouldn't be that difficult to plan. If your budget is tight, all you need to do is be resourceful. With little planning, your National Military Spouse Appreciation Day celebration will surely be memorable.

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