By Buddy Blouin

Undergoing a permanent change of station (PCS) is stressful. You have a lot of moving pieces, literally and figuratively, to consider. For both you and your family, having to PCS to a new location, whether it’s stateside or out of the country, you’re going to have questions, need resources, and benefit from direction when getting settled in.

That’s exactly what your military sponsor is there for and why you should use them as an invaluable resource during your move.

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What Is a Military Sponsor?

Military sponsors are trained service members who aid newcomers in adjusting to a new duty station, offering you personal guidance and recommendations during your PCS.

Available to all military families regardless of location, military sponsors provide support and assistance, from housing resources to local area insights, and more.

They offer invaluable personal experience and a welcoming presence, distinct from official briefings. However, it's important not to mistake moving sponsorship for command sponsorship.

Also known as “accompanied orders,” a command sponsorship is for families moving abroad that is shown on official orders and delivers your family a variety of benefits.

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How Your Family Benefits

Families have enough to deal with when PCSing that to do it alone isn't right. Fortunately, military sponsors are available and provide families with a variety of benefits while playing a crucial role in helping with a smooth transition.

Your military sponsor offers personalized guidance on various things you'll want to know when you move.

This includes but is not limited to, housing options, medical services, childcare, employment opportunities, education, local activities, and even tips for moving with pets.

Paired based on rank and family status, military sponsors provide tailored support throughout the relocation process, from offering resources and answering questions to showing newcomers around.

To make the most of the sponsorship program, it's essential for families to actively engage with their sponsors, share relevant information, and leverage their expertise, especially when moving overseas.

Becoming a Military Sponsor

A life of service is exactly what being in the military is all about. When you’re a military sponsor, you’re helping your fellow service member and their family ease the burden.

To become a sponsor, you’ll need to be trained to be considered. Fortunately, there is an eSAT course available through MilLife Learning, available online 24 hours 7 days per week.

The eSponsorship Application and Training course helps you learn the right information to become a military sponsor. It lasts 40 minutes and is free for service members.

You will, however, need to log into or create an account on MilLife Learning to get started. Anyone interested in learning more about creating an account to become a military sponsor can click this quick reference guide to begin.

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