By Jamie Lustig

Are you or someone that you know going through the PCS (Permanent Change of Station) process? A PCS move can require a lot of time and effort, but with the right steps you can avoid pitfalls and other troubles coming your way. By following some of the information given below, your stress and anxiety may just be relieved.

What Exactly Is a PCS Move?

Wondering what a PCS move is, it's quite simple. When an individual is part of the military, you can expect that person to be moving around a lot and be in that location for 2-4 years. While PCS moves can be nerve racking and stressful, they can be also filled with new opportunities for the future!

There are several resources out there to help you make your move as smoothly as possible whether you are traveling by yourself or with your family.

This checklist below will hopefully be a starting point for an easy move.

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PCS Move Made Easy: Your Go-To Checklist

Provided are a few steps for an easier and stress-free PCS move:

  1. Make a move announcement – This could be as simple as sitting with your family/friends and making the announcement or you could throw a big get together. Some also like to keep quiet about it, totally your preference!
  2. Decide the method of PCSing – Depending on where you are moving to, you will have to decide on what type of move you want to do and what shipments you want to make.
  3. Start organizing a PCS binder – Keeping all your paperwork in one place is an important factor. That includes everything from copies of your orders, leave forms, etc.
  4. Create a PCS budget – A military PCS move can be sometimes expensive, but once you create a budget it will help you identify what expenses you will need to cover out of pocket or upfront.

Reliable Services that Will Ease Your move

There are several different moving companies that help out with military moving. Some of the names are American Van Lines, PODS, Smartbox, Penske, uShip, Moving APT. Not only are moving companies available, but different services are available no matter what your situation is.

If you are planning to move with your family, child care programs, military children (Youth and Teens), school liaisons, and more are available to help you settle in comfortably.

Transitioning to the Next Chapter

Hopefully you feel more at ease after reading this article and getting some insight on the next steps for your transition. There are plenty of sources out there that weren’t mentioned above that could make your PCS move run smoothly!

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