By Buddy Blouin

Mixed martial arts (MMA) isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great workout, training exercise, and frankly, is a test of something primal inside of you. But if you think you’re ready to go pound for pound against literally anyone in the UFC right off the street, you’re out of your mind. However, by using a simple, common-sense approach to MMA training, you can start your new hobby and maybe even your new career. Here’s how to get into MMA fighting.

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1. Find the Right Gym

There are many different types of gyms out there and if you’re engaged in MMA training, you’ll want to find one that facilitates these efforts.

Furthermore, you’ll want to find a gym with an MMA trainer who is invested in your journey and interested in helping you meet your goals.

The fighting community is just like any other. You’ll need to show respect and prove that you’re there to put the work in.

However, if you find a reputable gym, you’ll find a community pushing each other to better themselves and move forward with any number of disciplines.

Which is another important factor, you’ll want to look into the styles of fighting your MMA personal trainer offers.

If you’re looking to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll want someone who is an expert in the discipline rather than specializing in Muay Thai or wrestling.

Regardless, you’ll need to learn multiple fighting styles, hence the name of the sport. However, starting with the fighting style you’re most interested in is a great way to start.

Go to different gyms, ask trainers, take or observe classes, and find the right fit for your skills and goals.

2. Start at the Bottom and Be Humble

Perhaps you already have experience fighting. Whether it’s on the street or in the ring, experience can help you. It can also destroy your journey before it begins.

For example, MMA training vs boxing is going to be different. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the point.

It doesn’t matter what you know or think you know, staying humble and working through the basics is going to get you a lot farther than trying to skip steps.

Some of it is paying dues and others is simply learning fundamentals. This includes MMA techniques for striking, grappling, and takedowns.

Form matters and working in MMA is important. From your defense to your footwork to how you go about a fight, take notes and learn from the beginning.

3. Train Consistently

By no means should you overdo it and risk injury. Rest and recovery is important. However, you’re going to have to put the work in over time.

There is no shortcut to improving your skills. MMA isn’t something that you master overnight and you’ll need to dedicate time and resources if you want to pursue it seriously.

That means training, taking classes, running cardio, eating properly, and most importantly, doing all of these things even when you really don’t want to.

By engaging in consistent MMA training, you can help prevent injury, increase your stamina, improve your skills, and get more fulfillment out of the journey as a whole.

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