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Heritage Elementary School's Glendale Campus is located at 6805 N. 125th Avenue in Glendale, Arizona. Considered our main campus, Glendale campus serves students in grades K through 8th.We offer 43 classrooms, a multi-purpose building, full gymnasium, a performance stage, full cafeteria, computer lab, library/media center, an educational science greenhouse (a student favorite!), a cooking kitchen, and a lot of school spirit! The campus underwent a renovation and expansion in 2007, which added more space and a new dimension to our growing school.The Glendale campus feels like home, with its neighborhood location and close-knit community atmosphere. The school is easily accessed from well-maintained public streets and is within walking distance of many residential areas.Heritage Elementary operates its own bus transportation system for its students, with pick-ups and drop-offs on established neighborhood bus routes.
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