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"The CODfather is the ONLY place in town to get PROPER fish and chips. Our WORLD FAMOUS fish and chips are hand made the traditional British way. HUGE 8oz North Atlantic Cod fillets dipped in our own recipe wet batter and cooked until golden brown. Thank you for your service to our country. See you soon, and cheers very much. The CODfather."

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Alright everybody. Don’t forget this week our later hours start on Friday and Saturday evenings. *** NOW OPEN UNTIL 10PM..!! *** Maintenance and upgrades are coming along great..! We made some roof repairs, added a new bigger TV in the bar, and started the rehab of the prep kitchen. More fun in the prep kitchen this Monday moving sinks to make way for a dishwasher, and finally sanding down the booth tables and refinishing those..! On the list still is a remodel of the bathrooms, getting our new power panel live so we can add more air-con, and getting back to finishing the beer garden..! Cheers..! 🇬🇧🐟🍺🍟🇺🇸

Alrighty then chippy fans..! We ‘ave got some important information coming in this post, so make sure you’ve got yer ears on..! We have a few changes coming immediately, and a few that we are working on between now and the end of the year. 🇬🇧🐟🤘🏻🍺🤘🏻🍟🇺🇸 Firstly, a continued THANK YOU to all our loyal customers and regulars, and to all the new people we see. Thanks for giving us a shot and we hope to see you all again soon. It has been another busy year so far at the chippy. We are working on the beer garden patio and hope to finish that soon, and also have plans drawn up for covered dining on the front of the building. We have some changes coming to the prep kitchen to increase productivity, and also to aid in reducing waste generated from the FOH. We already recycle as much waste as we can with our friends at Fisher Recycling. They also use our recycled glass to make counter tops thru GlassEco Surfaces, their sister company. Our used oil is also recycled, but we are a lot busier now than when we started out and we need to reduce our footprint a little. Moving forward in the coming weeks we will not be serving dine-in guests on paper any longer, nor will there be styrofoam cups for the drinks fountain. Cutlery for dine-in guests will also no longer be single use, and this alone will make a huge difference. Takeaway orders will come exactly how they do now, which is exactly the way they come back home. Wrapped in paper, in a brown paper bag, PROPER..! **IMPORTANT..!!** Tomorrow, Sunday 11th August, will be the LAST Sunday service for now. However we will be opening later on Fri/Sat evenings until 10pm, and looking to add Thurs evening into that mix also ASAP..! The first Fri/Sat later hours will start Friday 16th August/Sat 17th August and every Fri/Sat moving forward. Right now we need the time available to get in here and get done what we need to do, in order to implement the changes needed. It’s a busy shop and it needs a little love too. 🇬🇧🐟❤️🍺❤️🍟🇺🇸 Thanks for listening, that’s all for now. You guys rock and we love doing what we do for you. The continued support is AMAZING, and we are so grateful for all of you..! Still the BEST and the only PROPER fish and chip shop around, we will see soon..!!

It’s FISH AND CHIPS FRYDAY..!! 4254 Spruill Ave • North Charleston Call ahead for pick up - (843) 789 4649 FRY TIMES TUES/SAT 11-9 • SUN 11-5 Get down to the chippy and start the weekend the proper way, handmade British style fish and chips. Huge North Atlantic Cod fillets, PROPER chippy chips cut in-house, mushy peas and gravy available as is our signature tartar and cocktail sauces. Pies and sausage rolls are available hot ready to eat, or frozen take-n-bake. Wash it down with a pint in the pub. 🇬🇧🐟🍺🍟🇺🇸 The ONLY proper fish and chips in town, and the best fish west of England..!

Whatcha doing today..? Any fun plans..? The CODfather Proper Fish & Chips 4254 Spruill Ave • North Charleston Call ahead for pick up - (843) 789 4649 FRY TIMES TUES/SAT 11-9 • SUN 11-5 Make a stop at the chippy and grab you a full or half portion of fish and chips. Eat in or take away, but don’t forget the salt n malt..! Our home made tartar and cocktail sauces are the BOMB, ask the counter for one when you place your order. We have our fresh made meat pies and sausage rolls daily, pie flavours rotate, see the board in the shop or ask a member of staff. Cold draught beer in the pub, Macc Lad ESB is made for us by Holy City Brewing and is an excellent ale. Lots of local beers on tap along with hard to find imports from the old country. The only PROPER fish and chips in town, and the BEST fish West of England. 🇬🇧🐟🍺🍟🇺🇸

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