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Our Company Lowcountry Male is Charleston’s gold standard in men’s health and testosterone replacement. We are a full service clinic for men specializing in Low T, testosterone replacement, growth hormone therapy, weight loss, erectile dysfunction, IV therapy, hair restorationand general wellness. We are an upscale, modern medical clinic equipped with state of the art equipment and offering cutting edge medical procedures. We provide our clients a comprehensive system to meet their testosterone replacement, sexual health and wellness needs.  Our Mission Our mission is to revitalize life.Empowering men to invigorate their health and reclaim their lost vitality is our clinical mission. Our team of physicians take a comprehensive look at your hormones and the factors that are leading to low testosterone and poor performance. They then prescribe an individualized plan of action engineered to boost your testosterone and revitalize your life. Our testosterone replacement, growth hormone replacement and sexual health plans get your mind and body performing at their peak levels.  Our Passion How important is your vitality? If you could be bigger, stronger, leaner and last longer, would you be more confident and happier? These questions inspired the creation of Lowcounty Male. We passionately believe that testosterone and growth hormone replacement will increase your energy, improve sexual performance, decrease stress, and improve your overall health. Your optimal health is our ultimate goal. Male vitality is our passion, and we are excited to bring our cutting edge techniques to Charleston.
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