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Making the Home Finance Process Easier and More Rewarding For Our Clients The employees of McLean Mortgage have generations of experience in real estate and financing and this has enabled us to create a process that allows our clients to experience a celebratory occasion as opposed to a sense of frustration about loan procedures. Many of our referrals come to us because they had been frustrated by the mortgage process in the past. Many times we find that this occurred because they did not understand the process and their mortgage institution did not communicate effectively with their clients. Our mission is to start educating and preparing our clients from the very start of the transaction. Our Pledge to You We will continue to keep you informed throughout the process. Our process will be compliant with the letter of the law and regulations that guide the industry. Yet, we will never lose sight of the fact that the goal is to help our clients achieve the American Dream of Homeownership while maintaining our commitment to making the process memorable for all the right reasons. And if you have a concern, we pledge to work hard to make you more at ease with the results. It Is Our Goal to Become Your Lender for Life. If we fund your purchase, we hope to be there if you desire to refinance your mortgage or purchase another home. If we fund your refinance, we want to make sure we are helping you achieve your financial goals by providing the best options for your individual financial needs. Our business is built on referrals and repeat customers. We understand that serving you is a privilege that we must earn and we pledge to work hard to earn your trust and confidence.Relax. We've got you covered.Isn’t it time you felt as secure about your lender as you do your home? At McLean Mortgage we understand what a significant part of your life your home represents. Representing security for your family, membership in a community and your most important financial investment - we stand ready to help guide you smoothly along the road to successful home ownership. And we are dedicated to staying with you as your trusted expert mortgage advisor and partner for life.+ Why McLean Mortgage Corporation? + Real Estate Resources We're here to assist you every step of the way.  Purchasing a New Home? Make it easier and get an edge on the competition with a LoanFirst Preapproval. + Get started here. Refinancing Your Mortgage? Get a FREE Mortgage Analysis to help you make the best decision. + Get started here. Consult a Mortgage Expert Find an expert advisor in your area and meet face-to-face, over the phone or apply on-line. + Get started here.  Worried About the Direction of Rates? We have you covered! You get the complete protection of a rate lock commitment AND if rates go down before you close, we'll flex your rate and give you the lower rate. Finally there is a mortgage company that will give you first-in-class service and the ultimate rate protection with flexibility. +Find a mortgage expert & get a RateFlex commitment  Why McLean?  Control Service Seamless Technology  As a lender, McLean Mortgage Corporation controls the entire process. Each loan is originated through an experienced loan officer working out of a local office. As a consumer you have the choice of meeting with a McLean loan officer face-to-face, talking on the phone or working completely on-line. From there we continue to control the process, including loan approval and closing. This results in a smoother loan process for you because the loan is not handed off from company-to-company complete the process.
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