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TIJUANA FLATS HISTORYTHE FREE WHEELIN’BRIAN WHEELER How’d Tijuana Flats become Tijuana Flats? Funny story, really. Back in ‘95, this college kid, Brian Wheeler, walked into a bar. Actually, a bunch of bars. (And restaurants, too.) At first, it was just harmless fun. But over time, the good times got the best of him and just going out no longer cut it. So Brian decided to open his own restaurant despite having never worked in one before (brilliant, right?). Only problem was, Brian was broke. Luckily, his parents weren’t. And after much begging and pleading, his dad loaned him $20,000 & Brian opened the first Tijuana Flats in Winter Park, Florida. A DUDE WITHA HEART-BURNING DESIRE While most college grads (yes, Brian graduated from UCF, or so he says) would be stoked just to own their own restaurant, deep down Brian had a burning desire to do more. Turns out, the burning was just hot sauce he’d eaten, but Brian saw it as a sign and created his own line of hot sauces shortly thereafter—the “Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally” brand, which includes some of the hottest sauces in the world.OUR CORE VALUESAll kidding aside (and we kid around a lot), we’re a people company deep down, which is why we take our Core Values seriously. They begin with Respect, which is at the center of everything we do.Come visit us at Ortega Village!!! We'd Love to have you!Check Out Our Menu! Online! US:Tijuana Flats ORTEGA VILLAGE1/2 Mile North of NAS Jacksonville Ortega Village 5907 Roosevelt Blvd.Ste. 100Jacksonville, FL 32244 Phone: (904) 908-4343
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