Detail Map ONSTAGE: EDUCATION: OFFICE: ABOUT: OPPORTUNITIES: CONTACT: 17-18 MEMBERSHIPS:   INNOVATE Players by the Sea, in it's 51st year, continues to innovate Jacksonville Theatre through dedication to risk-taking and community collaboration.    EDUCATE Dedicated to individual growth and training, ?The Performing Arts Studio at Players by the Sea provides professional training to young artists of the community.   GIVE BACK Through partnerships with cultural organizations, Players by the Sea is the "theatre that gives back" to the community.     For 50 years, Players by the Sea Theatre has been committed to serving the First Coast with outstanding art and entertainment. Each year we aim to provide a fresh helping of exciting productions, programs and learning opportunities to provide impactful creative experiences for the artists of today and tomorrow. The intention of each production at Players by the Sea is to offer extraordinary creative opportunities for volunteers to contribute their best in an atmosphere of openness, inclusion and cooperation.At Players by the Sea, we provide a theatre home for many activities. Local playwrights, solo performance artists and groups of young actors bring us personal projects which provide excitement and enrichment in addition to the balance of traditional and contemporary works we offer in our Main stage and Studio Seasons.We seek to lead theatregoers on an emotional journey that may stimulate, challenge, amuse, enlighten or simply delight in ways that enrich their daily lives. Whether you are an old friend or a stranger to the stage, please consider attending a performance, auditioning for a show, or just stopping by the say hello, because creating community between performers and patrons is how we learn and grow. We measure our success by the extent to which volunteers and patrons consider us their theatre.         
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