If you are newly disabled, or know someone who is, I am talking to you.
You have likely read about the long and difficult process of pursuing Social Security Disability benefits. The number of claims is high and the number of months waiting on a decision is high. The number of people being denied is high and the number of hours to wait at your local Social Security office, or on the telephone with SSA is high.
What you need to remember is that you are more than just a number. You deserve personal attention and care in everything from your medical appointments, to your representation for Social Security Disability benefits.
When dealing with a disability, you will face isolation, doubt, pain, fatigue, and stress. Everything will change: your family life, your financial situation, your daily activities.
What you need, what most disabled individuals want, are experienced and caring people who will provide support, guidance, and partner with you through the process.
A few key relationships can make all the difference in your personal outcome.
1. Speak with your doctor(s) about your disability and limitations. Make sure that they understand and support you. Their medical records and notes will shape the outcome of your claim. It is important to have a good working relationship with your medical provider(s).
2. Find a competent and experienced Social Security Disability representative to speak with. They will complete the application forms for you and file any necessary appeals. Having access to your representative is as important as having access to your doctor(s) and providers. They need to personally know, in detail, what your conditions are, how those conditions impact you and your ability to work. You will have questions, and the ability of your representative to speak with you and answer your questions competently, and from a position of experience, will be as reassuring to you as your doctor’s advice.
3. Determine a few close friends and family members who may be able to provide written testimony about how your conditions have impacted your day-to-day activities. 
Having these individuals in place will not guarantee a positive outcome; however, being proactive and relying on the competency of the team you have assembled will give you confidence and improve your chances of having a complete and thorough record. Many denials are made when important facts are missing.
When choosing a Social Security Disability Representative for your team, pay close attention to:
• Who you are speaking with – Are you speaking with the Representative or a staff person?
• How they are treating you – You are paying them to represent you. Do you feel like you are the most important person they are dealing with?
• Who is doing the work – Is the representative completing and filing the paperwork for you, or are you doing all the work?
Experiencing a disability is life altering and you deserve to have people you can depend on to help you through these difficult times.
All of us at Advanced Disability Solutions have spent our careers (in excess of 50 years combined service at all levels of the Social Security Disability process in all 50 states) listening to and supporting the disabled population. We take pride in providing personal service to our clients and look forward to showing you, or your friend or family member why our slogan: Personal care from Professionals who care, can make the difference for you.

We offer professional service to all those looking for help during their Social Security and Disability cases in Illinois including Scott Air Force Base,O'Fallon,Shiloh,Swansea,Belleville,Mascoutah,Fairview Heights,New Baden,Columbia,Waterloo,Clinton County,Randolph County and beyond.