Troops Into Transportation – Central Texas College100 Battalion AVE., BLDG 3200, Suite 116-AFort HoodTX 76544 CDL License Training Programs For VeteransTroops Into Transportation is an exclusive program of The CDL School and it’s partner carriers. The CDL School is a nationally recognized, full service, Commercial Driving School. We’re licensed and approved by the appropriate state licensing agencies, the DMV, and the Department of Education. We’re also approved for the training of eligible veterans using the GI Bill. We operate Regional Training and Recruitment Facilities and can serve veterans throughout the USA.Our mission is job placement for veterans through our in-depth CDL training programs with our ever-growing partner trucking companies.Our Commercial Driver’s License Training provides expert knowledge on every aspect of commercial vehicles; from air and brake inspections to extensive on-road training. We are proud of our ability to provide strong job placement with these major companies who provide stable job security and incredible (full) benefits for our students. With Troops Into Transportation, we are a Job-First Program, helping service members get pre-hired with our partner trucking companies before their first day of training! Contact Us today to get started!
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