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                    Tyson and Ivy have different personalities and different attributes. But what do they have in common? TyVy (think of it like Brangelina) need a diverse amount of love, care and attention; just like your pets.Need to be tucked in? We got it. Extra morning treat? Obviously. We can and will accommodate your pet’s every need. Think of us as your family away from home. It’s quite simple, really. Our trained professionals are inspired by your pets every day, and are constantly thinking of innovative ways to make their stay even better.TyVy is a uniquely established, regally spirited and one of a kind hotel; for your pets, that was thought about, talked about and put into action in 2014. Our mission is to ensure our clients that their perfect pals are safe, happy and healthy. Our state-of-the-art capabilities provide your pets with top-quality services.Why stop at nightstay and dayplay? By pushing the boundaries and breaking barriers, TyVy is an all inclusive Pet Hotel that excels and features a full-service salon and spa, on-site veterinarian, and “shaggy” chic retail outlet for fancy felines and fashionable pups. An immense amount of thought has gone into our hotel – from the good for your joints rubber flooring, crazy cat room, to the webcam capabilities that allow you to check-in with your pets, whenever you want. We think of both the wellness of the cats and dogs that stay with us, as well as you. We wish to provide you with a sense of ease when on vacation whether for business or leisure, knowing that your pride and joys are in the best of hands.Each of our professionals is as passionate about animals as we are – it’s the TyVy difference. It’s what makes us, us. There’s no discrimination here. Equality is strictly enforced!…And to think it all started with a playful Shih Tzu-Poodle from Ann Arbor, Michigan and a glamorous Maltese from Miami, Florida! Come, Sit, Stay – join the pawty and we promise it’ll be worth it.Dayplay ®What better way to make new friends than at TyVy’s Dayplay®? We invite you to unleash and unwind while being in the presence of other pals similar in nature. After temperament testing, pups will be assigned to groups according to size and sociability. Of course, our TyVy professionals will always be there to supervise and add extra fun into the equation.Dayplay® consists of an indoor and outdoor dog park (Monday – Saturday, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM/ Sunday, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM) greatly influenced by the beautiful outdoors. We brought the sun and the city to the suburbs, complete with a fire hydrant and telephone pole for—well, you know.What we promise you:Safety. Shy? Outgoing? Energetic? Lazy? Do not fear. Dayplay rotates on the hour so each pet receives the same amount of fun. Max capacity at a given interval is 10 dogs according to weight and personality. Rubber flooring. We take into great consideration the wellness of your pet. What’s good for them is good for us, and in this case their joints need to be properly preserved! Rubber floors provide traction so when they’re jumping and playing; they’ll land at ease. It is also durable and resistant against animal secretion. Helps maintain our cleanliness promise! Climate control. A consistent temperature does not exist because TyVy pals are all different in size. The solution = change the air system and control the climate every half hour! Training equipment. Come, sit, stay – or jump through hoops and glide down slides! Our exercise equipment has been tested to entertain our guests to their maximum capacity. Power washing stations.  Before each rotation of pets in Dayplay, our housekeepers hose down, power wash and vigorously clean the area before the next set of dogs. Hygiene is a priority here at TyVy.Come & Play:$20 per 1/2 day (5 hours)$28 per daily visit$100 5 pre-paid visits$375 20 pre-paid visits*outdoor or indoor dayplay® is based on weather conditions *each dog must be accepted into dayplay® based on temperament testing – no unneutered or unspayed dogs allowed in dayplay®*small dog (>15 lbs) will be entered into small dog dayplay®*if pet is not picked up by 7 PM, pet will be checked-in & charged a standard suite rateWe ensure the safety of our guests by having an on-site veterinarian. This is what sets us apart from other Pet Hotels. We have numerous trained and educated professionals dedicated to adhering to the needs of all of your pets. It’s because we care and we take the health of your pals very seriously – as we should.Our care includes:Vaccinations Dental Care Parasite Control Examinations Spay/ Neuter Wound care Mass Removals Gastrointestinal and urinary bladder procedures Ophthalmic and orthopedic procedures Treating acute illnesses Vomiting Diarrhea Dehydration Parasite Infections Ear Infections Anal Gland Infections Skin Conditions Allergies Bacterial Infections Upper Respiratory Illness Urinary Tract Infections InjuriesIf your pet needs emergency attention, please contact your local Animal Hospital.SPAPrimp and pamper your perfect pooch at TyVy’s full service salon and spa. Offering a variety of services ranging from PAWdicures to hair color treatments, our stylists are sure to keep you in chic shape for your big day out. Some Services: Bath – A fundamental in our spa – bubble bath time. Sit back, heel and soak it all in. Blowout– Look glam and luxe after a refreshing blowout by one of our stylists. Even the Alphas deserve a spa day. PAWdicure– What better way to have HAPPY FEET than to enjoy a soothing PAWdicure? Our techs will have their nails trimmed and smoothed complete with a moisturizing paw rub. Teeth Cleaning– Show off those pearly whites after a fab teeth cleaning session with one of our hygienists. Make sure to stop by our photo booth to flaunt that smile after. Ear Cleaning– The reason they don’t listen is because they can’t hear you! Well… sometimes. Massage– Relax your joints and indulge in a massage headed by a TyVy pro. Sound farfetched? What better way to treat your pets for all the running and jumping they do for you! *Vaccination records must be on file in order to receive treatments. Treat yourself. $30+ small breed bath & blowout$35+ medium breed bath & blowout$40+ large breed bath & blowout *price dependant on breed & coat condition*includes shampoo, conditioner & blow drying services*includes face, feet & fanny services *additional fees may apply for matted, long or heavy coats $45+ small breed haircut$55+ medium breed haircut$65+ large breed haircut *price dependant on breed & coat condition*includes shampoo, conditioner, haircut & blow dry*includes face, feet & fanny services *additional fees may apply for matted, long or heavy coats $20 pet painting$10 ear cleaning$10 anal glands$10+ furminator® services$10 nail trims$7 teeth cleaning$7 pawdicure (nail polish application)$5 paw soothing Boutique be bow-wowwed with purr-fect products in our complete retail and treat boutique. select from award winning products, organic treats, plush toys & the cutest little outfits you have ever seen Training We’ll take your dog from ruff-house to house-trained in no time and you’re more than welcome to stay and learn. We are a balance of affection and discipline! $150 package 1 (6 lessons)sit, down, heel (on lead) $200 package 2 (6 lessons)sit, down, heel, come, stay (on lead) $250 package 3 (8 lessons)sit, down, heel, come, finish, sit, down, stay (on lead) *in-home behavioral consultations available upon requests  Cat Stay $20 cat condos personal kitty litter boxes | gated private rooms | luxury bedding | scratch posts & tower | private lighting*please consult with front desk attendant for special accomodations for your pretty kitty TyVy Pet Hotel 4752 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33614 View Map Tel. 813-605-3560
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