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SpineNevada Minimally Invasive Spine Institute is a multi-disciplinary spine center of excellence located in Northern Nevada with locations in Reno, Sparks and Carson City. SpineNevada's Reno and Sparks locations are integrated spine care centers that combines non-surgical physical medicine physicians, fellowship-trained specialists in radiology, fellowship-trained spine neurosurgeons, and internal physical therapy gyms. The center also includes InMotion Diagnostics which is the most advanced imaging platform in the nation to assess instability through spinal motion. The radiology services include the InMotion MRI (weight-bearing and tiltable), Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) and Digital / Dynamic X-rays. The open and tilting design of the InMotion MRI is an innovative way of doing MRI in which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the exam outcome. This advanced open architecture MRI scanner can also image many different joints (e.g. hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles). Vertebral Motion Analysis detects double the rate1 of lumbar radiographic instability as compared to traditional flex-ex testing.SpineNevada takes a team approach to spine care. It includes the expertise of board-certified specialists in the nonsurgical management of back pain, many of the physicians are fellowship-trained. SpineNevada also includes spine-specialized physical therapists and fellowship-trained spine neurosurgeons. The physicians at SpineNevada have over 30 years of experience in the field of spine.
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