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Reasons Why you do not want to kayak the sea Cave in La Jolla There is only one Cavern and you can not paddle into it if you are on a tour. A tour guide will push you in and out of it one or two kayaks in at a time. At the sea cavern you will only see rocks and very little sea life. The best way to see the cavern and cove is with a snorkel tour or diving tour not a kayak tour. San Diego City Lifeguard protocols dictate that Swimmers, Snorkelers, and Scuba Divers have absolute right of way over any kayak or kayak tour. So, you have to wait to be pushed into the Cavern by your guide until the all non-kayakers leave the Cavern. Many kayak guides are so poorly trained they are not observing this protocol and endanger you and the other people in the reserve. There is a magnificent Cathedral like appearance to the various tunnels and entrance to the Cavern that you will never see from a Kayak and will only see with mask fins and snorkel. . Even while being pushed into the cavern by a kayak guide many kayakers have gone to the hospital out of the cavern because the guides are not always the best at reading the sea. This has often resulted in capsizing of the kayaks(s) and with the life vest on you are a cork in the rocky caverns and have very limited ability to swim out to safety. Your ability to enjoy the many fish, crustaceans, beautiful sponge formations, and swimming sea lions near you is not possible from a kayak. During your kayak tour you will be with 8 to 20 other kayaks and this makes it nearly impossible to get near your guide that is supposed to be narrating the natural history and human history of the La Jolla Cove Ecological Reserve. In other words you paid good money to learn about the reserve and its history but will not be able to hear anything your guide is saying. Entering and exiting the ocean through the surf on a kayak is not that easy and often dangerous. Many people on kayaks are injured each year by other peoples kayaks that have capsized or their own kayak capsizing in the surf zone and bashing into their heads and bodies at wave speeds while trying to launch or exit the surf zone on a kayak.           Certificate of Excellence 2017  Previous Next 
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