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What Sets Us ApartCREATING EXCEPTIONAL SMILESYou deserve a smile that’s beautiful, healthy, and filled with confidence. We’d be honored to help you develop that smile. Dr. Kirk Specht, Dr. Jeremy Barrett, and the Central Coast Orthodontics team offer personalized, gentle care that will create a smile you’ll love for a lifetime. Even better, we’ll make treatment fun!We know the power of a great smile. When you know your teeth are straight and healthy, your self-esteem grows and you’re comfortable in social situations. You talk, laugh, and smile with ease, confident you look your best.Deciding to have orthodontic treatment is deciding to make a positive, lasting change in your life. You’ll transform during your treatment. As you see your new smile begin to take shape, you’ll feel better about yourself, happily talking and laughing with others. By the end of treatment, you’ll be a new person, with a smile that’s brimming with joy.
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