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         Stacy Rohrbough  |    Roger Shiffman, M.D |    Joanne Shiffman               NP, RN                                                     Director of Medical Aesthetics                                                                                        R.N, B.S.N,                                                                                 At Face First Laser Clinic we value our patients and take an honest approach to the practice of aesthetic medicine. During a careful assessment and consultation we create a customized treatment plan to address your individual needs. Client satisfaction is our primary aim and objective. We accomplish this through active listening and thoughtful observations.Our outstanding results speak for themselves! Whether we are treating adolescent or adult skin, scars, or sun damage, acne or wrinkles we provide warm and caring service. We hope you enjoy our spectacular view of the Monterey Bay while taking advantage of our wonderful services. Our team at Face First Laser Clinic is dedicated to assisting all who enter our facility with the upmost care ensuring you receive a superior experience!Skin care consultation; Regular comprehensive skin care consultations and medical grade product support is essential for optimal skin health. At every appointment your provider will address your needs and concerns. Your provider will create an individualized plan for you to achieve beautiful healthy skin.Laser Treatment for Melasma; The Revlite® Laser is a 1064 short pulsed Nd Yag that targets pigmentation,fracturing it to be absorbed by the bodywithout overheating the skin. Multiple treatments are best with a combinationof skin lightening products.Laser Tattoo Removal; The Revlite® Q-Switched laser features four wavelengths to target a wide range of colors; blue, black, red, orange, purple, green and sky blue ink. The laser shatters the tattoo ink into micro-particles which is absorbed by thebody and excreted in the rine.Black ink resolves the quickest but still requires multiple treatments. Anywhere from five to fifteen treatments are recommended to lightenand completely remove the tattoo. We offer DeScribe® transparent PFD patches to help target the ink for a quicker removal. Laser treatment for Rosacea & facial veins; The Laser Genesis combined with Limelight (IPL) on the Cutera® (2D), is the preferred treatment for Rosacea or facial redness. This treatment stimulates the bodies natural production of collagen which shrinks pores, evens skin tones and increases cell turn over rate. Multiple treatments are necessary for the best results.Neurotoxin (Botox®, Dysport®); Neurotoxins block the signal from the nerves to the muscles that are responsible for deep lines from repetitive movement in the forehead, lip and other areas of expression in the face. Although this treatment has a temporary effect, if treated on a regular basis neurotoxins can eliminate frown lines completely by preventing the facial movements that create them. Neurotoxins can be used to soften strong bands in the neck as well as deep creases in the chest and decollètè. Dermal Filler; Fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to restore loss of volume, smooth lines and soften creases or enhance facial contours. We carry a variety of different fillers to fit our patients individual needs.Coolsculpting®; This technology uses controlled cooling to freeze unwanted fat cells that become crystallized and destroyed while safely preserving the skin. Over time the dead crystallized cells are eliminated by the body's natural lymphatic waste system leaving your shape looking more balanced, contoured and smooth. Multiple treatments are often needed to obtain the best results.
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