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 Dr. Regina KaufmannRegina M. Kaufmann MD is a board-certified Ob/Gyn who came to Brevard County in 1991. She has served to improve the standard of care in Women’s Health over the past 20+years. After adopting her daughter in 2004, she retired from her busy, traditional Ob/Gyn practice to focus on her dream of building a one-of-a-kind practice devoted to aesthetics, gynecology, and functional medicine.Dr. Kaufmann has been a leader in bringing the industry-best, aesthetic techniques and devices to our community since 1999. She was one of Brevard County’s first gynecologists providing bioidentical hormone therapy since1994.EDUCATION:Undergraduate:Creighton University 1979-1983, Omaha, NE Bachelor of Science with HonorsMedical: Medical College of WI 1983-1987, Milwaukee, WI Doctor of MedicineSpecialty Training: Medical College of WI 1987-1991 Residency in Obstetrics and GynecologyBoard Certification: American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1994-presentMEDICAL PRACTICE:Brevard OB/GYN Specialists, 1991-1996, Brevard County, FL (merged with MIMA in 1996)Senior Partner at MIMA, 1996-2005, Brevard County, FLBodyWise Specialists, 2000-current, Brevard County, FLPROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS/MEMBERSHIPS:ASLMS, Am. College of Phlebology, Am. College of Ob/Gyn, NAMS, AACSCosmetic ServicesWe offer a variety cosmetic services to treat a wide range of conditions. Whether your desire is to reverse the signs of aging or to lose inches in your trouble areas, we have the latest technology and certifications to help you reach your goal.Click on an area of the body or one of the products listed below to find out about our available treatments.Eyes Cheek Marionette Lips Chin Jawline Skin Neck Arms/Legs Chest Hands Stomach Back      Contact Us    If you have any questions please call or email us:Phone: 321-729-4243contact@bodywisespecialists.comPrinting and filling out necessary forms to bring with you will save time! Information and Consent FormsBOTOX ® Cosmetic Post-Treatment instructionsJuvederm and/or Radiesse - What to expect post-treatment.Laser Hair Removal Informed ConsentLaser Hair Removal Pre and Post TreatmentNew Patient Data FormPhotofacial Consent FormSmartLipo Consent FormSmartLipo Pre and Post Procedure InstructionsSmartLipo Risks and ConsentSmartXide DOT Laser Consent FormSmartxide Pre-Post Treatment RequirementsVein Consent FormWhat to Expect on the Day of SmartLipoWhat to expect Pre & Post JuvedermWhat you should know about BOTOX ® Cosmetic
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