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WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK We back all the repairs we do. We want you to feel secure in knowing that your computer is in caring, knowledgeable hands. Our technicians are put through a rigorous and extensive training process copied by the Navy Seals. Maybe we don’t go that far, but our staff are all trained and supervised by a Master Technician with at least 20 years of experience. We offer a 1 year warranty on our labor and a minimum of a 30 day ACR warranty on parts.PRICED TO BE FAIR: NOT TO TRICK YOU We’ve polled hundreds of our customers over 2014-2015 to find the prices that best suit your needs as a customer and still meet our desire to provide a fair wage to our amazing staff. We know the horror stories about places charging temptingly low rates and then adding on charges to your bill. We also know that companies out there exploit their employees to keep prices unreasonably low. That’s not us, and we know that’s not what you want from your local business. We are always upfront about our prices and the value you get for your dollar.FAMILY AND VETERAN OWNED We believe in marrying the values of a small family owned business with the professional knowledge and tools of a large tech company. We’ve achieved this by hand selecting the right staff that understands our values, that have the experience and desire to learn, and we provide them with the cutting edge tools they need. Rob “needed” a robot helper, but we had to decline. Sorry, not “that” high tech. With both owners having served in the Air Force, we carry the same core values. Our policy is to be honest, fair and to go the extra mile for our customers.
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