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About UsOur Approach We are providing individuals an affordable, easy, convenience way to take control of their future.  To achieve their dreams and become something they never thought they could.   Our Story I started as a CSP and jumped straight into a client. I stopped analyzing why this would not work and just did it ! Since then, I have now become my own IBO and now have the awesome opportunity of offering this to those who want the same thing I do, and reassuring them of the doubts I had as well, and how great this has been for my and my family. I started small but I am building fast, and still love the client I work for and plan to take on another. I never miss a school engagement or those special times with my kids and grandkids. About Me My name is Rhonda Sooth, I am a 49 year old mom, wife, mimi. I have been working remotely for 3 years now and love that I make my own schedule, and never miss those special moments that I did working brick and mortar 40 hours a week. I also enjoy on the snow days still being able to work, and on the sunny days enjoying being outside. I am able to schedule my career around my life, not like the corporate life. Come join me and my team today, and enjoy all the benefits and opportunities that we do !    
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