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Detail Map   HOME      ABOUT US     CURRICULUM     CAMPUSES     JOIN US     FAQS      Welcome to AmeriSchools AmeriSchools Academy is dedicated to fostering academic excellence through individualized instructions of core curriculum supported by enrichment and acceleration. To accomplish this mission, our goal is to teach integrated curriculum by utilizing multiage alternatives for instruction.   AmeriSchools Tax Credit Make a direct impact on a child’s school and education – donate up to $400 and receive that amount credited toward your state tax bill. The deadline is April 15, 2016 – click here to learn more and donate online!   The AmeriSchools Difference AmeriSchools is a learning community of professionals dedicated to providing a clear choice in education for children in grades K-8, with many highly-experienced/qualified teachers and administrators from throughout the country. AmeriSchools has four (4) locations throughout the state of Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma. Phoenix is home to AmeriSchools Academy – Camelback serving grades K-8. Tucson is home to AmeriSchools Academy – Country Club serving grades K-8. Yuma has two schools, AmeriSchools Academy Yuma-North and AmeriSchools Academy Yuma-South, both serving grades K-6. The Arizona law allows charter schools to hire degreed teachers who are not Arizona certified. No Child Left Behind requirements of Highly Qualified teachers applies to all teachers in public institutions. That means college degreed individuals, professionals from fields outside of education and teachers moving to Arizona from other states who have a passion for education may find an opportunity in charter schools. Many Arizona certified teachers choose to work in charter schools. 80% of AmeriSchools teachers are certified teachers and 100% meet the definition of Highly Qualified as defined by No Child Left Behind. All teachers are required to have valid fingerprint clearance and each site maintains current teacher resumes, which are available on site for public review. Parents always want what is best for their children. Being able to choose from the available Arizona Charter Schools gives parents the opportunity to choose the learning environment that their child would excel in. We don’t think this decision should be taken lightly and so we invite you to explore our site and contact us to learn more about us. AmeriSchools provides a tuition free educational environment with experienced teachers and administrators for K-8 age children. Our reputation among the Grade A Schools in Arizona is unsurpassed!                              Home   About Us   Curriculum   Campuses   Annual Financial Report   Join Us   Employment   FAQs  
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