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Choosing the right car relocation services is an important aspect for many Americans who find themselves on the move. Relocation for cars on paper is simple. You just have to get a vehicle from point A to point B. However, the logistics that go into it, safety measures, communication, and more can leave car owners with a lot to weigh. If you’re on the move and in need of care relocation, our guide can help you better prepare for hiring the right company to get the job done.

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5 Tips for Choosing Your Car Relocation Services

Not all car relocation services are the same. Car relocation in the USA can mean different things for different people. Maybe you’re a snowbird traveling to or from Florida. You may be a Soldier PCSing from Fort Belvoir to Fort Cavazos. Whatever your needs, here’s what you need to consider:

Costs and Services

While looking for the cheapest deal may feel obvious, that’s only one part of the puzzle. If you need car relocation services, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not only paying a fair price but that the company is capable of providing you with the appropriate services you need.

There are different types of services available, such as enclosed transportation, tracking your vehicle as it makes its journey and more. Be sure to do your research on the price, services, and terms of each brand before you hire them.

Research the License and Insurance of Each Car Relocation Service

The last thing you want to do is trust a company with your vehicle only to find out that they aren’t legitimate should something go wrong. Be sure that whoever you hire is capable of producing the appropriate licensing and insurance policies to not only protect your vehicle in transit but prove their legitimacy as an entity.

Read Reviews

Because of the emotions attached to negative reviews, most people are more inclined to leave them rather than a positive one. Therefore, you’ll want to read reviews with a grain of salt. However, if you read reviews with this in mind and objectively look for potential patterns, both good and bad, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right company for your needs.

Don’t Overlook Safety

Several things can go wrong on the road but professionals who take their job seriously can minimize these risks by putting safety first. When you hire car relocations, be sure that the company tasked with delivery has had their vehicles inspected, proper protocols while loading/unloading, a safe track record in transit, etc.

Inquire About Communication

If you don’t have transparent communication, not only are you adding unnecessary stress, but you may not be using a company that stays up-to-date with the latest technological features. It’s important to hire a transportation company capable of providing detailed communication every step of the way.

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Save on Car Relocation Services for the Military Community

If you’re in the military and need to move your vehicle, RunBuggy has you covered. Providing 10% off car shipping for military relocation, here are some of the reasons warfighters and their families have continued to trust RunBuggy since 2018:

  • Transparent communication from every aspect of your move is ingrained into the company’s model.
  • Trusted with nearly a half million moves, RunBuggy uses a wealth of knowledge, a dedicated data science department, and a Nationwide network of over 17,000+ vetted drivers to ensure your automobile arrives safely at your desired destination.
  • Safety and innovation are a huge part of the company’s approach. This means utilizing technology to not only protect your vehicle but your personal data as well.
  • RunBuggy is also always pushing forward. From better technology to help deliver in an eco-friendly way, to improving customer experience, and more.

A proud employer of American Veterans, RunBuggy is honored to help provide car relocation services to the military and civilian communities. RunBuggy is honored to help the military community with their relocation needs. PCSing also just got cheaper as the military community can get a 10% discount. Contact RunBuggy today for a smooth move for your ride.

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