Weekly Rundown: October 12 - 18, 2019

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News Recap

A quick review of the major military related headlines from the last week:

Turkish soldiers and Turkish-backed Syrian fighters gather on the outskirts of Manbij on Oct. 14, 2019. Phot credit: Zein al Rifai / AFP - Getty ImagesTurkish soldiers and allied Syrian militiamen.
Photo credit: Zein al Rifai / AFP - Getty Images.

Air Force F-16 taking off from Incirlik Airbase, TurkeyAn Air Force F-16 taking off from Incirlik Airbase, Turkey.

  • Russian troops took over several of the bases held by US and Kurdish troops before the pullout. The departing American soldiers left behind some “welcome” messages for the incoming tenants.
  • China signed a lease for the entire island of Tulagi, one of the Solomon Islands, as part of their ongoing buildup in the Pacific. The island was the site of a hard fought battle between US Marines and Imperial Japanese forces during WWII’s Guadalcanal Campaign.
  • The first eleven soldiers received the Expert Soldier Badge (ESB), the Army’s new badge recognizing non-infantry soldiers who pass a series of difficult field tests.
  • Retired Marine General and former Secretary of Defense James “CHAOS” Mattis has an awesome new nickname: The Meryl Streep of Generals. We think it’s a good one.

James Mattis at the 2019 Al Smitth DinnerMattis scoring some big laughs at the 2019 Al Smith Dinner.

In Case You Missed It

  • Army veteran Stacey Bell shared some of the “fun” little annoyances of being “The Vet” among your friends and family.
  • This Week in Military History: The name Mata Hari is synonymous with the idea of a treachorous femme fatale. But was she really a traitorous spy, or simply a scapegoat for war-wear France?

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