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Convoy vehicles assigned to the 504th Composite Supply Company, 142nd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 1st Armored Division, travel down a route during a convoy protection live-fire exercise. Fort Bliss, Texas


Family deployment support

Mobilization Deployment (Mob Dep) Mission

We assist the commander in preparing Soldiers and their families for the entire Deployment Cycle. We provide AD, USAR, and NG units (Soldiers, Spouses, Volunteers, FRSAs, and Family members) with training on the Army Family Readiness Group System to prepare them for the complete deployment cycle of pre-deployment, deployment, and redeployment in accordance with AR 608-1, Appendix J DA DCS Directive dated 26 March 2007, and DA Form 7631, March 2007.

We conduct training on the Deployment Cycle, Care Team, FRG System (FRG Leader, Key Caller, and Treasurer) AR 600-20, Rear Detachment Commander Operations, Reintegration, and Homecoming and Reunion.

We provide referral assistance to Soldiers and Family members experiencing problems during the Deployment Cycle.

We provide mission support and training to the Family Readiness Support Assistants. Mob Dep conducts and coordinates Family Assistance Center (FAC) operations on order of the Garrison Commander.

Support Resources Available:

  1. Pre-deployment Briefings
  2. Reintegration Briefings (Reunion and Reintegration)
  3. Car Team Trainings
  4. FRG Leader Training
  5. FRG Treasurer Training
  6. Key Caller Training
  7. FRG Key Caller Training
  8. FAC Operations Training
  9. FPCON/RAMP (Force Protection / Random Access Measures Program)
  10. Rear Detachment Training
  11. Operation Ready materials
  12. FRG materials
  13. National, State, Local, City, and County Help Agencies contacts and referrals, Community Resources
  14. Homecoming and Reunion Training
  15. FRG Advanced Training
  16. FRG Newsletter
  17. Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) Training

Please contact Mobilization and Deployment at the following numbers 915-568-1132.


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