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Ft Stewart Family Resources in Hinesville and Savannah


Picking up from one place and moving to another is always a hassle, especially when kids and pets are involved. Knowing whom to call or where to find information can help make the transition easier.

Local government websites are valuable resources for newcomers to Hinesville and Savannah because they provide important connections to other residents, local businesses and public safety. These sites give up-to-date information on local happenings, municipal contacts, weather and events such as city council meetings:

State of Georgia:
Chatham County:
Liberty County:
City of Hinesville:
City of Savannah:


Babysitters, Nannies, Child Care and Senior Home Care

Find family care with this website that will allow you to search for local caregivers for children, adults and seniors, pets and even housekeepers for your home.

Or you can post a caregiver job and let the applicants find you — guaranteed responses within three days. Access to background checks, references and reviews helps you to make hiring decisions with confidence.

The site also provides helpful information such as how much to pay a baby sitter, how to interview a pet sitter and how to find a tutor or after-school activity for your student.

Active-duty military families receive a 25 per-cent discount on any subscription.

Child Care Aware

Improving access to affordable, quality child care is one of Child Care Aware of America’s top goals. Search the site’s “State by State Resources for Families” to connect with national organizations and associations that provide information for families regarding child development, parenting, and child care concerns and questions.

Under the site’s “Quick Links” at the bottom you’ll find information related to locating quality child care, the types of child care available to you and how to evaluate the child care providers you visit.

There’s also a special section there for the military child covering topics such as military fee assistance, payments and provider services.

Georgia Division of Family and Children Services
Region 12 – Chatham County DFCS

761 Wheaton St.
Savannah, GA 31401 912-644-5956

Region 12 – Liberty County DFCS

112 W. Oglethorpe Highway
Hinesville, GA 31310 912-264-7211

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services investigates reports of child abuse; finds foster and adoptive homes for abused and neglected children; issues SNAP, Medicaid, TANF and child care assistance to low-income families; helps out-of-work parents get back on their feet; and provides numerous support services and innovative programs to help families in need.


Ft Stewart Family Resources Pets


Use these steps to protect your pet from being lost during your move.

  • Keep a collar with an ID tag on your pet at all times with your current phone number on it.
  • Microchip your pets, especially if they are good at slipping their collars. It’s important to keep your contact information up to date so the chip can reconnect your pet to you. All animal shelters and vet clinics can scan for microchips.
  • Have a current license on your dog. It is the ID given to an animal by a city or county and can be another way your dog can be restored to you.
  • Keep cats indoors; it’s much safer for them. Cats are domestic animals and don’t need to be outside where there are coyotes and owls, among other predators. Give cats a post to scratch on, a window to perch in and plenty of toys, and they will love the great indoors.

Your pet may face many outside dangers in Georgia, such as venomous snakes, alligators, armadillos, bats, bears, beavers, coyotes, rats, raccoons, foxes and more. Keep your dog on a short leash in wooded areas, especially if it starts sniffing or pawing the ground. Avoid allowing your dog to walk around or swim in unknown waters. The area also is home to parasites including fleas, ticks and ear mites. Outdoor pets can bring these pests into the home, posing a risk to humans since they can transmit disease through their bites. Limiting and supervising your pet’s outdoor activities can help it avoid these dangers.

Animal Services
Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Resources Division

Ranger Hotline 800-241-4113
Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Program 478-994-1438

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is composed of six divisions that carry out DNR’s overall mission of sustaining, enhancing, protecting and conserving Georgia’s natural resources. As one of six divisions within DNR, the Wildlife Resources Division is specifically charged with conserving, enhancing and promoting Georgia’s wildlife resources, including game and nongame animals, fish and protected plants. The website includes information about handling nuisance wildlife.

Chatham County Animal Services

7211 Sallie Mood Drive
Savannah, GA 31406 912-351-6750

Chatham County Animal Services include investigation of animal neglect and cruelty; enforcement of county and state animal ordinances and laws; removal of animal remains; and education on responsible pet ownership. For more information on the county’s pet adoption and foster program, visit the Chatham County Animal Services’ website.

Liberty County Animal Control

279 Briarwood Circle
Hinesville, GA 31313 912-876-9191

Liberty County Animal Control provides care for pets at its adoption facility. Other services include animal control, rehoming, spay and neuter programs, and enforcement of animal ordinances and laws.

Veterinary Services

Veterinary services in Hinesville and Savannah are plentiful; see the Advertiser Directory in this guide to connect with local providers.



Ft Stewart Family Resources Safety


State of Georgia

Department of Public Safety

General Inquiry 404-624-7700

The Georgia Department of Public Safety oversees the day-to-day operation of the Georgia State Patrol (GSP), Capitol Police and the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD). GSP troopers investigate traffic crashes and enforce traffic and criminal laws on the state’s roads. MCCD officers conduct safety inspections of commercial motor vehicles and inspect highway shipments of hazardous materials.

Division of Emergency Management

Nonemergency 404-635-7000

The Georgia Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security helps protect life and property against man-made and natural disasters by directing the state’s efforts in the areas of prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. Visit the division’s website for a severe weather awareness guide and other preparedness information.

Chatham County
Emergency Management Agency

Nonemergency 912-201-4500

The Chatham County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for planning and coordinating actions for disaster preparation, response and recovery. The office manages the County Emergency Operations Center; plans and conducts emergency training; and serves as a liaison with state and federal emergency agencies. Visit the office’s website for the county’s disaster planning guide and other disaster preparedness information.


Nonemergency 912-652-7600

Liberty County

Emergency Management
Nonemergency 912-368-2201

Liberty County’s Department of Emergency Management works closely with the state division and other agencies before, during and after emergencies and disasters to provide coordinated and comprehensive protection of lives and property. This is accomplished by providing communitywide leadership, guidance, support and coordination in the area of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Visit the department’s website for the county’s hurricane and flood information.

Fire Departments

Nonemergency 912-876-4511

Visit Liberty County’s Fire Administration website for a full list of fire departments in the county.

Public Safety Communications

Nonemergency 912-368-3911

Fire Department

Nonemergency 912-876-4143

Police Department

Nonemergency 912-368-8211

Richmond Hill
Police Department

Nonemergency 912-756-5645

Fire Department

Nonemergency 912-756-3749

Fire & Emergency Services

Nonemergency 912-651-6756

Metropolitan Police Department

Nonemergency 912-652-6500



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