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Getting Here & Arrival

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Driving Directions

AH-64D Apache Helicopter, Fort Rucker

An excellent road network makes it easy to drive to the post from any direction. Entry to the post is through three main gates: the Ozark Gate from the east, the Daleville Gate from the south and the Enterprise Gate from the west. If you are coming from Ozark via Highway 231, turn onto Alabama 249 westbound (also known as Andrews Ave.) and continue driving until you reach the Ozark Gate. If you are traveling from Enterprise, take Rucker Blvd., to the Enterprise Gate. From Dothan, take Highway 84 West, turn right at the Daleville exit, continue driving on Daleville Ave. for about two miles and then enter the post at the Daleville Gate.

Nearby Air Transportation

The Dothan Regional Airport (DHN), located on the north side of the city in Houston County, provides regional airline service. Those moving on a government transportation request can obtain transportation from the Dothan airport to Fort Rucker. The pick up point is in the main terminal. For further assistance, contact the staff duty officer at 255-3100 or 255-9777.

Driving Directions

Start out going SOUTHWEST on FLIGHT LINE DR toward CENTRAL ST (0.9 miles)
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto NAPIER FIELD RD/CR-112 (1.7 miles)
NAPIER FIELD RD/CR-112 becomes AL-134 (0.6 miles)
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto ramp. (0.2 miles)
Merge onto US-231 N/AL-53 N. (14.4 miles)
Turn LEFT onto AL-249 (6.8 miles)
End at Fort Rucker

Driving Directions from Montgomery

Start out going NORTH on S UNION ST
Merge onto I-85 N/MARTIN LUTHER KING JR EXPY (4.8 miles)
Merge onto US-231 S/US-80 W/AL-21 S via EXIT 6 toward TROY (3.3 miles)
Turn LEFT onto US-231 S/US-82 E/TROY HWY. Continue to follow US-231 S (73.7 miles)
Turn RIGHT onto AL-249 (6.8 miles)
End at Fort Rucker


The Cribbins Soldier Service Center, located on Novosel Street between Andrews Avenue and 5th Avenue, is a one-stop venue for all military and civilian personnel services. The building is named for Joseph P. Cribbins, known as the "Father of Modern Army Aviation Logistics."

Permanent Party

All TRADOC, WOCC, USACRC, USAARL, and USASAM permanent party rated crewmembers and previous non-rated crewmembers assigned to Fort Rucker are required to hand carry their original Individual Flight Record Folder with a CAFRS. PCS electronic flight records file to the Student Support Division, Flight Records Section in BLDG 5700 RM 210 for in-processing within 14 calendar days IAW AR 95-1.

Inprocessing signs posted at each of the main entrances to Fort Rucker point permanent party Soldiers to the Soldier Service Center.

Permanent party Soldiers reporting to Fort Rucker during normal duty hours must sign in from leave or travel status in Rm. 280 of the Soldier Service Center. Normal duty hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday.

On the first duty day after arrival Soldiers should report to Bldg. 5700 to formally inprocess. Soldiers who arrive for inprocessing after duty hours sho uld call 255-3100 for further instructions.

The brigade or battalion completes documentation provided by the Military Personnel Division or the Adjutant General.

Student Soldiers

All rated and nonrated crewmembers (to include USAR and USARNG) attending a course at Fort Rucker in either a Permanent Change of Station or Temporary Duty status are required to hand carry their original Individual Flight Record Folder with a CAFRS. PCS electronic flight records file to the Student Support Division, Flight Records Section in BLDG 5700 RM 210 for in-processing IAW with Change 1 and 2 of FM 3-04.300.

Student Soldiers will receive inprocessing instructions upon reporting to the student company as indicated on their orders.

  • Enlisted Soldiers report to 1-13th Aviation Regiment
  • Warrant Officer Candidates report to the Warrant Officer Career College
  • Officers and Warrant Officers report to 1-145th Aviation Regiment or 1-13th Aviation Regiment

Soldiers attend a levy briefing resulting in publication of Permanent Change of Station orders. Soldiers come to Bldg. 5700, Rm. 280 with unit clearance papers, a copy of DA Form 31 (Leave Form) and orders to obtain installation clearance papers.

All permanent party Soldiers receive a one-on-one records review appointment in Bldg. 5700, Rm. 280 upon initial inprocessing. Update of emergency data (DD 93) and life insurance (SGLV) documentation are completed on an as-needed walk-in basis. Soldiers can make appointments for further records review.

The Soldier's brigade or battalion is notified upon receipt of assignment instruction for permanent party Soldiers with a PCS.

All enlisted trainees and students will be notified of PCS assignments three weeks before graduation. All enlisted trainees and students will have PCS orders published no later than two weeks before graduation, unless the Soldier does not have a valid security clearance (DD Form 873) on file, or the unit has notified AG of a Soldier being placed on hold status for any reason.

Note: Enlisted trainees and students will not have PCS orders published until such time as they receive a valid security clearance in hand. Orders will be published by the next duty day after AG receives the security clearance. Soldiers obtain installation clearance papers from their unit. Final clearance in completed in Bldg. 5700, Rm. 280.


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