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Ft Leonard Wood The Maneuver Support Center of Excellence



Fort Leonard Wood is a thriving and prosperous installation that has evolved from a small basic training post over 75 years ago, to the Army Engineer Center 20 years ago, now to a premier Army Center of Excellence that trains over 80,000 military and civilians each year. The Maneuver Support Center of Excellence develops doctrine and capabilities for the Training and Doctrine Command’s U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) School, U.S. Army Engineer School and U.S. Army Military Police School, three gender-integrated Initial Military Training brigades, and the largest Noncommissioned Officers Academy in the Army.

Fort Leonard Wood is a proven valued Army investment. We are home to a colonel-commanded Marine detachment and an Air Force detachment, which are both the largest on any Army installation; we also have a large Navy Seabee detachment. We work, train with, and provide support to a U.S. Army Reserve training division and a Missouri National Guard training brigade. Fort Leonard Wood is also home to all of the DOD truck driver training and has a large international student detachment with representation from more than 100 countries. Add to these the strength of our retirees, families, civilians, resident school district presence, and industry and academic liaisons, and you have the full picture of Fort Leonard Wood’s current population served — more than 100,000 competencies and contributions to the Army and nation.


The Maneuver Support Center of Excellence develops competent leaders and warriors of character and delivers total Army Engineer, CBRN, Military Police and Maneuver Support capabilities to enable mission success across the range of military operations.

At the heart of mission success, across the range of military operations, are capable warriors/leaders with unique skills and tools developed at the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence, Fort Leonard Wood.


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