Reporting In

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Fort Benning_2019 Welcome Reporting In

New permanent-party arrivals will report to the Installation Replacement Division, Building 35 on Morrison Avenue. This office is open from 5:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Here you will begin in-processing, which typically takes about five days, occasionally as long as a week. The process includes a number of appointments around post, updating DEERS information, enrolling in TRICARE, financial readiness and more. Please make sure you have your PCS orders, DA Form 31 (leave form), personnel file and medical and dental records. Officers and NCOs will need a copy of their latest OER/NCOER or DA Form 1059. If you arrive after hours or on a weekend, report to McGinnis Wickam Hall, Building 4. For more information about in-processing, call 706-545-4577/5686.

If you are a single Soldier E-5 or below, you will be assigned temporary billeting. If you are accompanied by your family or you are a single Soldier E-6 or greater, you will find lodging on Main Post. For more information, call 706-689-0067.


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