Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB)

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In the summer of 2007, the Army Medical Action Plan was created to help develop solutions to improve processes and procedures for providing care to ill and injured Soldiers at Army and VA medical treatment facilities. In today’s Army, wounded, ill and injured Soldiers are more commonly known as transitioning Soldiers.

The mission of the Fort Carson WTB is to provide command and control, primary care and case management for these Soldiers in order to establish conditions for their healing and to promote a timely return to the force or transition as a veteran to civilian life.

Every WTB Soldier receives a detailed comprehensive care plan detailing a plan of action to facilitate medical healing. This plan in turn is an integral part of a detailed comprehensive transition plan which addresses medical care, spiritual welfare, behavioral health counseling, family counseling, education and meaningful, productive employment.

The goal is to transition a healed and trained Soldier back into the Army or to transition a healed, educated veteran to productive civilian life.


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