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Part of the Baltimore metropolitan area, Harford County is strategically located on Interstate 95 in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic states. The county has 5,600 businesses, which employ 64,500 workers. A highly skilled workforce and a business-friendly environment ­support a variety of companies and industries. The county’s major employer is Aberdeen Proving Ground. Other industries include ­government establishments; trade, ­transportation and ­utilities; education and health services; professional and business services; and leisure and hospitality.

The county has several innovative programs that foster business and growth in the technology sector, including the Groundfloor at Harford and the Harford Business Innovation Center. The Groundfloor at Harford is a community-driven workspace and collaboration center for technology entrepreneurs. The center ­encourages networking, bringing technology industry ­individuals together within the region. The Harford Business Innovation Center provides business support services in a flexible, furnished office space. The center was designed for young technology companies and growth-oriented defense contractors pursuing Aberdeen Proving Ground business opportunities. Both programs illustrate the county’s progressive nature, ideal for technological and entrepreneurial endeavors in various industries throughout the county.

Harford County has a population of approximately 250,000, and more than 22,000 ­veterans call the county home, according to the U.S. Census. The unemployment rate of Harford County was 6.2 percent in October 2013, a slight decrease from the previous year’s rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Part of the county’s economic success is ­attributed to its well-educated population. Of those over the age of 25, nearly 92 percent have
a high school diploma or higher and 31.5 ­percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher — both ­figures above the state average. Mean travel time to work was about 31 minutes. Per capita ­personal income was approximately $35,000 and the median household income was approximately $80,000, according to the U.S. Census.


For more information on business and the economy in Harford County, visit the ­Harford County Office of Economic Development at www.harfordbusiness.org or the Harford County Chamber of Commerce at www.harfordchamber.org.



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