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Installation Access

Fort Rileyoperatessix access control points. Anyone entering Fort Riley, who appears to be over the age of 16, is required to show a valid DOD ID Card, Riley Access Pass or Riley Access Badge.

In order to comply with federal Real ID Act standards,Fort Riley requires additional identification for visitors with a driver’s license from a state that is not in compliance. For a full list of acceptable forms of IDclickhere.

Effective 30 January 2017 state ID's affected will change. To check the status of your state driver's license or identification visit the Department of Homeland Security website. Current identifications affected are from the following states: Minnesota, Missouri and Washington.

Visitors without a DOD ID card who wish to enter Fort Riley are reminded that a temporary Fort Riley Access Pass or Badge is required. If you know the exact date of your visit, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get a temporary pass or badge early by stopping by the Visitor Control Center. The Visitor Control Center (Bldg 885) is located just prior to the Henry Gate Access Control Point (Exit 301, U.S.Interstate Highway 70) and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Effective 1 Jan, 2017 the Visitor Control Center will change operational hours to: Mon-Fri: 5:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m./ Sat-Sun and Federal Holidays: 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. For more information on these changes click here.

For questions regarding access requirements contact the Visitor Control Center at (785) 239-2982 or email . Emails will be answered within 48 hours Mon-Fri and 72 hours if received during weekends or Federal Holidays. Please note there are longer wait times for passes on weekday mornings and weekday afternoons when Soldiers and civilian employees are traveling to work and physical fitness activities. If you're unable to get a pass early, make sure to allow extra time the day of your visit to get through processing at the Visitor Control Center. For more information on the length of Riley Access Passes or Riley Access Badges click here.

Emails sent from a non ".mil" email account are not encrypted, and therefore the information is not secure. Unauthorized access to, or interception of, your personal information by others during transmission is possible. Do not use email for discussion of sensitive or highly confidential issues.


Commercial deliveries andvehicles must use exit 303 to K18 to the 12th Street Gate or Estes Gate off of U.S. Highway 77 to old Highway 77 from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. 12th Street Gate is open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Commercial deliveries outside established commercial hours should coordinate prior approval through the Fort Riley Access Control Branch at (785) 239-3138.

Driving Directions To Fort Riley

Your Arrival

Fort Riley is located north of Interstate 70, 125 miles west of Kansas City. It is accessible from I-70 exit 301 at Marshall Army Airfield via Henry Drive.

Directions from Kansas City International Airport (KCI):

Exit the airport area toward Hwy. 435 south. Take Hwy. 435 south to I-70 west. I-70 west becomes the Kansas Turnpike. Take the Kansas Turnpike west (the Turnpike has a small fee). Pass exits for Bonner Springs and Lawrence while on the Turnpike. Exit the Kansas Turnpike at Topeka and continue on I-70 west. Take I-70 to exit 301 (Marshall Army Airfield exit) and stay on Henry Drive to Main Post.

Directions from Manhattan Airport:

Soldiers needing transportation from Manhattan Airport should contact the 1st Replacement Company’s staff duty NCO at 785-239-2119. To reach Fort Riley from the Manhattan Airport by automobile, exit the airport and head west on Kansas Hwy. 18. Enter Fort Riley either at the Ogden Gate or the 12th Street gate.

Arriving from East of Fort Riley:

Please note that Fort Riley is about 2 1/2 hours from Kansas City and about one hour from Topeka. Main roadways are the Kansas Turnpike (there is a small fee for using the Turnpike) and I-70.

Arriving from West of Fort Riley:

Fort Riley is about one hour east of Salina. From Salina, take I-70 east toward Topeka/Kansas City. You will pass exits for Solomon, Abilene, Chapman and Junction City. Continue on I-70 east to exit 301 (Marshall Army Airfield, and stay on Henry Drive to Main Post.

Arriving from Southwest of Fort Riley:

Wichita is about two hours southwest of Fort Riley. Take I-135 north from Wichita. You will pass exits for Newton and McPherson while on I-135 north. Exit onto I-70 east (near Salina). Proceed on I-70 east. You will pass exits for Solomon, Abilene and Chapman. Continue on I-70 east to exit 301 (Marshall Army Airfield) and stay on Henry Drive to Main Post.

Obtaining Transportation

Transportation from Kansas City International Airport to Fort Riley is by ground shuttle. Arrange for ground shuttle by calling Roadrunner toll free at 800-747-2524, or through the website. Roadrunner charges for services, so keep the receipt to file for reimbursement.

Operation Wheels

The YMCA in Junction City offers Operation Wheels, a service for active duty military and their dependents living in Junction City or Fort Riley. Rides are available for those who do not have access to a vehicle or who do not drive. The program will provide four round trips per month to the commissary (if using WIC vouchers), Army Community Service, Irwin Army Community Hospital, Chaplain Services, or doctor or dental appointments in Junction City. Appointments can be made 24 hours in advance by calling the YMCA in Junction City at 785-762-4780. Day care: Armed Services YMCA 785-238-2972.

Information from the Directorate of Emergency Services

Transportation from Kansas City International Airport to Fort Riley is by ground shuttle. Arrange for ground shuttle by calling Roadrunner toll-free at 800-747-2524, or through Roadrunner charges for services, so keep the receipt to file for reimbursement.

Critical Installation Information

• The main entrance to Fort Riley is off of I-70, exit 301, Marshall Army Airfield.

• Personal weapons are not authorized on this installation without prior registration.

• Cell phone usage is not authorized while operating a motor vehicle on the installation unless using a hands-free device.

Quick Reference Information

• Hand carry all important documents. To help your transition go smoother, have all essential documents on hand.

• Base Operator: 785-239-3911 or DSN (312) 856-1110.

• For PCSing Soldiers: Transportation from Manhattan Airport is provided by the 1st Replacement Company. Call the Staff Duty NCO at 785-239-2119. 1st Replacement Company also serves as Emergency Operation Center; contact Emergency Operation Center Duty Officer/NCO, Building 580, Custer Hill,785-239-2222.

• “Operation Wheels”: for those new arrivals without a privately owned vehicle: contact YMCA in Junction City, appointments 24 hours in advance at 785-762-4780. To obtain a military taxi, call 785-239-2636.

• Fort Riley’s Army Community Service: Soldiers with a family member with exceptional needs (medical, educational, gifted, etc.) should contact Fort Riley’s Army Community Service at 785-239-9435.

• ID Card Center/DEERS, Building 212, 785-239-3654.

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