Motorcycle Policy

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The installation motorcycle policy applies to all Soldiers at all times, civilians while on the installation and all civilians operating a motorcycle off post on official military business. All Soldiers are required to successfully complete the approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course before operating a motorcycle. The course is provided by the Fort Jackson Safety Center at no cost to military personnel, and personnel will not be charged leave to attend the course. All operators and passengers must wear the following personal protective equipment when operating a motorcycle:

• Department of Transportation-approved helmet properly fastened; Soldiers must wear a helmet on and off post regardless of South Carolina state law.
• Impact- or shatter-resistant goggles, wrap-around goggles or full face shield (attached to helmet).
• Long pants.
• Long-sleeved shirt or jacket.
• Full-fingered gloves.
• Leather boots or over-the-ankle shoes.

Motorcycles must have two rear-view mirrors and have headlights turned on at all times.

South Carolina does not require a vehicle safety inspection sticker. However, personnel assigned permanently to Fort Jackson who have privately owned vehicles registered in a state that requires a state inspection must properly display a state inspection sticker on their vehicles.


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