Uniform Policy

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Ft Jackson_2019 arrival Uniform Policy


The Army combat uniform, known as ACUs, in the operational camouflage pattern may be worn off post. Soldiers are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in any off-post establishment while wearing ACUs. ACUs may not be worn at off-post sporting events, theaters or other public entertainment or other events. ACUs will not be worn off post to social or official functions when it would be appropriate to wear the service uniform or civilian attire. ACU sleeves will be worn down at all times. Uniforms will be worn properly bloused, zipped and buttoned. Utility uniforms will be serviceable and present a clean appearance if worn off post.

The ACU patrol cap is the primary headgear. The black beret may still be worn at special events such as parades, graduations or change of command and responsibility ceremonies.


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