Outbound Travel Services

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The Personnel Movements Branch, in Room 107 of the Strom Thurmond Building, is the place to visit for all official travel needs. The Personnel Movements Branch arranges travel and issues airline tickets for TDY, PCS and ETS moves. This office also processes passport and visa applications 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. daily. Passport applications should be completed 12 weeks prior to expected departure date. Active-duty personnel who require a passport for their official travel should apply immediately upon notification of official travel. Proper identification and orders are needed to arrange travel. Orders are not required to submit the passport applications, but customers should call prior to arriving at the office to ensure they bring the required documents. All travel services are handled on a walk-in basis. Call 803-751-6053/7531. To make a TDY reservation, call 803-782-2966.


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