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Redstone Arsenal Family Resources Safety


State of Alabama

Department of Highway Revenue - Motor Vehicle Division

The division is responsible for issuing motor vehicle titles, maintaining vehicle registration information and enforcing the Mandatory Liability Insurance Act.

Visit the department online for detailed information.

Alabama Emergency Management Agency

Nonemergency 205-280-2200

Alabama Emergency Management is Alabama’s coordinating agency for disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Visit the agency’s website for a severe weather awareness guide and other preparedness information.

Huntsville-Madison County

Emergency Management

Nonemergency 256-427-5130

The Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Agency is a city-county government agency that is responsible for planning and coordinating actions for disaster preparation, response and recovery in Madison County. Visit the office’s website for the county’s disaster planning guide and other disaster preparedness information.


Nonemergency 256-722-7181

Huntsville Fire and Rescue

Nonemergency 256-772-7120

Madison Fire & Rescue

Nonemergency 256-772-3326

Morgan County

Emergency Management

Nonemergency 256-351-4620

Morgan County’s Department of Emergency Management develops and enhances the county’s disaster preparedness and recovery plans for all hazards. Visit the department’s website for the county’s storm shelter information hurricane guide and other disaster preparedness information.


Nonemergency 256-301-1174

Decatur Fire & Rescue

Nonemergency 256-341-4863

In Madison and Morgan Counties

Redstone_2019 Family Resources in Madison and Morgan Counties

Picking up from one place and moving to another is always a hassle, especially when kids and pets are involved. Knowing whom to call or where to find information can help make the transition easier.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross helps members of the military, veterans and their families prepare for, cope with, and respond to, the challenges of military service.

The American Red Cross offers confidential services to all members of the military, veterans, and their families by connecting them with local, state and national resources through the network of chapters in communities across the United States and offices on military installations worldwide.

Local Red Cross offices develop and maintain relationships with key community partners. Military families rely on the Red Cross to help them identify their needs and connect them to the most appropriate Red Cross and community resources. This key Red Cross service includes responding to emergency needs for food, clothing, and shelter, referrals to counseling services (e.g., financial, legal, mental health), respite care for caregivers, and other resources that meet the unique needs of local military members, veterans and their families.

The American Red Cross Emergency Communications Center is available to help 24/7. Call 877-272-7337 or submit an online request at

Armed Services YMCA

The ASYMCA is made up of 13 branches and about 20 affiliate locations at local Y’s and on some DOD facilities across the U.S.

It makes military life easier by providing programs and services to the young men and women of all five armed services: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

ASYMCA programs, services and events are designed to help the family come together, stay together and have the ability to adjust, bounce back and thrive wherever the services send them — with a particular focus on junior-enlisted men and women, the individuals on the front lines of defending our nation. Programs are offered at low cost and require no dues or membership fees.

Signature programs include: Angels of the Battlefield Awards Gala, Art and Essay Contest, Military Family Month, Operation Hero, Operation Holiday Joy, Operation Kid Comfort, Operation Outdoors, Operation Ride Home, Parent and Me, Teddy’s Child Watch and YMCA/DOD Military Outreach Initiative.

Find ASYMCA locations by visiting

Child Care Aware

Improving access to affordable, quality child care is one of Child Care Aware of America’s top goals. Search the site’s “State by State Resources for Families” to connect with national organizations and associations that provide information for families regarding child development, parenting, and child care concerns and questions.

The site has information on the different types of child care and how to choose the right child care for your family. Financial resources include a child care budgeting calculator and information on federal and state fee assistance. There’s also a special section for military and DOD families with links to military child care fee assistance. To speak with a specialist about military and DOD child care programs, call 800-424-2246, option 6.

Alabama Department of Human Resources
Gordon Persons Building, Suite 2104
50 N. Ripley St.
Montgomery, AL 36130 334-242-1310

The Alabama Department of Human Resources is responsible for the protection, well-being and self-sufficiency of Alabama’s children and adults. The Child Welfare Division helps families receive the least disruptive services they need, when they need them, and for only as long as they need them to maintain children in, or return them to, a safe and stable home. For child protective services, call 334-242-9500. The department’s programs include adult protective services, child protective services, food assistance, child support, adoption, foster care, family assistance, family services and child care.

Madison County Children’s Services
2206 Oakwood Ave.
Huntsville, AL 35810 256-427-6200

Madison County’s Children’s Services Division provides education, care and support for youth and families. The division’s website has information on family programs and services, child support, day care, family and children’s services, child welfare and food assistance.

Morgan County Children’s Services
507 14th St. SE
Decatur, AL 35601 256-301-8800

Go to the division’s website for information about adult and child protective services, food assistance, child support, adoption and foster care, family assistance and services and child care.

Military OneSource

Military OneSource is your central hub and go-to-place for the military community. Get to know your benefits and prepare for the big stuff — deployments, reintegration, moves, parenthood, retirement and more. Browse by topic or search for that strangely specific question you want to know the answers to. No matter where military life takes you, with Military OneSource you’ll always be in the loop.

Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront assists military families during difficult financial times by providing food assistance, auto and home repair, vision care, travel and transportation, moving assistance, essential home items, and rent-free transitional housing for wounded veterans and their families.

Helping military families gain long-term stability is a specific concern for Operation Homefront. Homes on the Homefront awards mortgage-free homes, impacting veteran families for generations to come. The caregivers for wounded warriors also need help and that is why Hearts of Valor was formed.

Operation Homefront’s annual gala recognizes extraordinary military kids. The organization also hosts multiple Homefront Celebrations, Star-Spangled Baby Showers, Back-to-School Brigades and Holiday Meals for Military events each year to show appreciation to military spouses.

Visit Operation Homefront online for more information.

United Service Organization

Since 1941, the USO has kept our military men and women connected to their families, home and country no matter where they are or under what conditions they serve. Programs for military families include Couples Seminars: Stronger Families, Comfort Crew for Military Kids, Operation That’s My Dress, United Through Reading, Baby Showers: USO and What to Expect Present Special Delivery and The Sesame Street/USO Experience.

The USO also provides transition services to support Americans’ return to civilian life after completing their military service. For more information, go to

Visit the USO’s website to find a location near you.


Redstone_2019 Family Resources Pets

Moves are stressful for everyone — including the family pet. Pets can sense stress and a change in routine can be difficult for them. If possible, keep your pets in a quiet, secure area while movers pack up or unload your belongings. Movers will have your door open while they move boxes and furniture, and a pet may slip out the door undetected. Make sure you keep a collar with an ID tag on your pet at all times. Ensure the tag has your current phone number on it. It is also a good idea to microchip your pets. Remember to keep the microchip’s contact information up-to-date. If your pet escapes during any part of your move, you want the animal shelter that scans the chip to be able to contact you.

Your pet faces new outside dangers in Alabama, such as alligators and snakes. Six species of venomous snakes, including rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, coral snakes and copperheads, pose a danger for a dog in wooded and watery areas. Keep your dog on a short leash in wooded areas, especially if it starts sniffing or pawing the ground. Alligators pose another threat. They live wherever there is water, so avoid allowing your dog to walk around or swim in unknown waters.

Animal Services

Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
Outdoor Alabama 334-242-3469

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources advises the governor and Legislature on management of freshwater fish, wildlife, marine resources, state lands, state parks and other natural resources. The Department has four divisions: Marine Resources, State Lands, State Parks and Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. The department provides a variety of programs, activities and opportunities to help Alabama residents enjoy the outdoors.

Madison County Animal Control
100 Hughes Road
Madison, AL 35758 256-722-7190
Animal shelter 256-722-5694

Madison Animal Control is part of the Madison Police Department and is responsible for protecting the residents and domesticated animals of Madison. The agency website includes links for how to adopt a pet, how to license your pet, how to report a barking dog and how to report animal abuse or a lost animal. If you encounter problems with a wild animal, call 256-721-1838 or 256-462-1350.

Huntsville Animal Services
4950 Triana Blvd. SW
Huntsville, AL 35805 256-883-3782

Huntsville Animal Services provides care for pets at its adoption facility. Other services include animal control, spay and neuter programs, and enforcement of animal ordinances and laws. To volunteer at the shelter, call 256-883-3794.

Morgan County Animal Control
1314 Industrial Drive SE
Hartselle, AL 35640 256-773-2934

Morgan County Animal Control runs the animal shelter for the county and is responsible for complaints concerning dogs and cats, from picking up strays to dog bites, abuse and injured animals.

The animal shelter takes all dogs and cats from Morgan County at no charge (none are accepted from Decatur, which has its own animal services department). The shelter has an adoption area and a kitten play room furnished with climbing stands and toys.

Decatur Animal Services
300A Beltline Road SW
Decatur, AL 35601 256-341-4790

Decatur Animal Services is a municipal animal shelter responsible for cruelty investigations and enforcing animal ordinances; programs include adoptions, education, volunteerism and rescue.

Its mission is to improve the bond between humans and animals and to promote humane treatment of animals and respect for life. The agency receives domestic pets such as dogs and cats from residents of Decatur. For assistance with animal issues outside Decatur, contact Morgan County Animal Control at 256-773-2934.

Pets for Patriots

Pets for Patriots’ vision is to end animal homelessness in the United States while giving our military veterans and their families the greatest “thank you” of all: the extraordinary love of a companion pet. It makes this happen through its nationwide shelter and veterinary networks, military and veteran organizations, and a public that values the lives of both the vulnerable and heroic among us.

To learn more about adopting a pet, visit

Veterinary Services

Veterinary services in Madison and Morgan counties are plentiful; see the Advertiser Directory in this guide to connect with local providers. In Madison County, a place to start looking is the Madison County Veterinary Medical Association at Another source for connecting with a veterinarian is the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association’s website,



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