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The largest city in the Tri-Cities area, Richmond is home to over 200,000 people and only a 30 minute drive from Fort Lee. The area was originally settled by English Colonists in 1609 but the present city of Richmond wasn't officially founded until 1737.

Richmond served as the Confederate capital during the American Civil War and even though 25% of the city's buildings were destroyed when the Confederate's retreated, the city emerged from the war as an economic powerhouse. Supply lines became major railroad crossroads. War-time factories converted to new industries and tobacco warehousing and processing helped the city boom. Freed slaves and their descendants aided in this booming economy as they joined to create the Jackson Ward, known as the "Wall Street of Black America."

Notable Nearby Attractions
Civil War Trails

Visitors can follow the five Civil War Trails throughout the state and visit more than 400 individual sites pertaining to the American Civil War.

Visual Arts Center of Richmond

Here you can explore your creative spirit and participate in art through exhibitions, classes and community outreach.

Richmond Jazz Society, Inc.

The Richmond Jazz Society is a non profit organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of Jazz as an American art form.

Virginia War Memorial

The Memorial was built in honor of all veterans (and Virginians in particular) who were killed in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. The Shrine of Memory is inscribed with the names of more than 11,600 Virginia veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country


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