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Parade, Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth has been honored as a Community of Excellence. Those who live and work on Fort Leavenworth contribute to — and enjoy — life in "the Best Hometown in the Army." It's a great place to serve our country, to live and to raise a family.

Frontier Conference Center

The Frontier Conference Center is one of the finest meeting facilities in the Kansas City area, and one of the only facilities of its kind locally. Located at 350 Biddle Blvd., it is nestled in the heart of the installation. The staff of the conference center can provide free consulting services to help make your event a success. Reservations may be made up to a year in advance. For more information or to make a reservation, call 684-2287.

Provost Marshal Office

The Provost Marshal Office (PMO) provides many services for the safety and security of the Fort Leavenworth community.

The Military Police Desk is manned 24-hours per day, at 684-2111 or 684-3456 (recorded lines). Emergency calls should be made to 911.

Bike patrols, walking patrols, and crime prevention programs make the Military Police visible and effective throughout the community. They teach children about personal security, stranger danger, drug awareness, and criminal laws. The Military Police also provide fingerprinting by appointment only (call 684-3547), advise on marking personal property, and conduct investigations.

The PMO is responsible for weapons registration. All privately owned firearms kept on post or brought to post for hunting or use on firing ranges must be registered. Weapons may only be used in authorized hunting areas and ranges.

Weapons may not be kept in any on-post transient or temporary lodging facility, or in barracks, at any time and must be stored in the unit arms room. On-post quarters occupants must provide adequate security and storage of weapons and ammunition. Off-post personnel are encouraged to secure weapons from unauthorized access. When room is available, they may elect to store personal firearms in the unit arms room.

International Community

The international community of liaison officers and students represents more than 70 nations around the world. They add to both the professional nature and interesting character of Fort Leavenworth.

International officers and their families learn of the United States through friendship and activities with military and civilian sponsors. The Fort Leavenworth community is enriched by the opportunity to learn from these informal ambassadors. Many offer entertaining and informative "Know Your World" programs about their countries.

Each year the Command and General Staff College seeks military sponsors to support the program. If interested, call the International Military Student Division at 684-3053.

Frontier Army Museum

The Frontier Army Museum tells the story of Fort Leavenworth and the Frontier Army with its extensive collection of weapons, uniforms, and equipment. The main exhibit gallery presents the history of the Army west of the Mississippi River from 1817 to 1917.

The museum is located at 100 Reynolds Avenue and is open every day except Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The museum is closed on Sundays and holidays. Group tours of the post can be arranged by calling the Convention and Visitors Bureau, 682-4113.

Wayside Tour

Scattered across the Main Post area are limestone pedestals, which are part of the Historical Wayside Self-Guided Tour of Fort Leavenworth. These pedestals replay tapes describing the history of that particular part of the post and an artist's interpretation. The selfguided tour begins at the Frontier Army Museum.

Special Interest Groups

Many private organizations on Fort Leavenworth offer opportunities to share special interests.

For example, the Friends of the Frontier Army Museum raise funds for the museum, support children's programs, and participate in living history programs. A chess club, an investment club, computer users' clubs and the Kansas Jaywalkers (volksmarchers) are among the many groups that welcome people with similar interests. Social and service clubs include the Fort Leavenworth Spouses' Club and the Fort Leavenworth Historical Society. Check out the private organizations at PAIR (Post Activities, Information and Registration) Day, and watch the Fort Leavenworth Lamp for meeting dates. Interested in becoming a private organization? Call 684-1825 for more information.

Solicitation Permits

People who wish to conduct a home-based business on Fort Leavenworth must first acquire a solicitation permit. To apply for a permit, visit the Solicitation office in Room 228 at the Resiliency Center, 600 Thomas Avenue, to fill out an application form. For more information, contact 684-1666.


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