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Logo, Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth, where many great leaders have served, overlooks the Missouri River on the border between Kansas and Missouri. Fort Leavenworth is in the heartland of America near the geographical center of the United States.

Its campus-like setting, open green landscape, and hometown friendliness enhance Fort Leavenworth as a historical landmark. Fort Leavenworth has one of the largest and oldest National Historic Landmark Districts in the Department of the Army.

Fort Leavenworth prides itself as a Community of Excellence, keeping safety as a priority. Caring and involved Soldiers, dedicated civilian employees, and community-minded family members make Fort Leavenworth “the Best Hometown in the Army.”

Surrounding communities, including nearby Leavenworth, Lansing and Kansas City, make great neighbors for Fort Leavenworth, providing plenty of exciting things to do and see.

Four distinct seasons and sun-filled days help to create an appealing place to live, work and go to school. This part of the country is characterized by highly variable weather, but generally enjoys lush, green springs; leisurely, sultry summers; scenic, crisp autumns; and cold, frosty winters.

Kansas lies within our nation’s “tornado alley,” and severe storms are most likely during April, May and June. Thunderstorms can develop quickly and be severe, but usually move on rapidly. Fort Leavenworth is certified as a StormReady community and takes the utmost precautions to warn residents and ensure their safety during severe weather. Residents and workers need to be familiar with basic weather precautions and the locations of public storm shelters. Contact the Installation Operations Center at (913) 684-4448 for the current Fort Leavenworth weather status.

We look forward to serving you upon your arrival, and hope that your Fort Leavenworth experience leaves a lasting impression, as you enjoy living in the Best Hometown in the Army!


Kansas City International Airport is a convenient 20 miles east of the post. There are no commercial buses, military buses or rail service to or from the post. Airport limousine services operate on a 24-hour call basis.

Newly arriving military personnel, family members, retirees, and DoD civilians can stay in IHG Army Hotels’ Hoge Barracks at 214 Grant Ave.

Entering Fort Leavenworth

For questions on ID requirements for entering Fort Leavenworth access gates, please call our Customer Service phone number at (913) 684-3600 or click on Gate Information.

Reporting In

Permanent-party Soldiers assigned to the Combined Arms Center sign in and in-process with the G-1 Personnel Administrative Division (PAD) on the first floor of Building 89 at 841 McClellan Ave. Duty hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday duty hours are 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours, unaccompanied Soldiers E-5 and below sign in with duty personnel at the Single Soldiers Quarters (SSQ) at 401 Cody Road. Accompanied Soldiers and Soldiers E-6 and above report to Hoge Barracks for lodging information, then report to the PAD the next duty day. For additional information, call DSN 552-7890/7891 or commercial (913) 684-7890/7891. After-duty phone is 684-7899.

Soldiers assigned to 15th Military Police Brigade, U.S. Disciplinary Barracks (USDB) or Joint Regional Correctional Facility (JRCF) will sign in at 15th MP Brigade S-1 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 835 Sabalu Road in the Military Correctional Complex. Call the 15th MP Brigade S-1 at (913) 684-4824/4818 for more information. After hours, call Single Soldier Quarters (SSQ), at (913) 684-4469/4468.

Soldiers assigned to the Battle Command Training Program report to BCTP Headquarters on the second floor of Bldg. 44 at 400 Kearney Ave. to sign in or contact the BCTP NCOIC at 684-5855/5766/5851. After hours, unaccompanied Soldiers E-5 and below sign in with duty personnel at the Single Soldiers Quarters (SSQ) at 401 Cody Road. Accompanied Soldiers and Soldiers E-6 and above report to Hoge Barracks for lodging information.

Medical Department Activity personnel should report to the Personnel Office in Munson Army Health Center, phone 684-6713/6361. After duty hours, personnel should report to the Administrative Officer of the Day at the Munson Army Health Center Information Desk, 684-6000. Dental Activity personnel should report to Smith Dental Clinic, phone 684-5004/5516. After duty hours, personnel should report to the Administrative Officer of the Day at the Munson Army Health Center Information Desk, 684-6000.

Temporary Lodging

IHG Army Hotels in Hoge Barracks, 214 Grant Ave., is the center for lodging at Fort Leavenworth. For information call 684-4091 or (877) 711-TEAM (8326). Reservation requests may be made in person or electronically at

Temporary lodging during the summer months is extremely limited. PCS reservations should be made as soon as travel dates are determined. Visitor/space-available reservations may be made at any time, however, they are subject to cancellation in the event of an official traveler requirement.

Service members who have just moved here may be eligible for up to 10 days Temporary Lodging Entitlement (TLE), depending on specific circumstances. Call the Defense Military Pay Office at 684-3793 for information.

When space is not available on post, lodging will issue a Certificate of Nonavailability. A current listing of off-post hotels and motels, and maps are available at Hoge Barracks.

Distinguished guests (colonels and above) are accommodated at Otis Hall, Cooke Hall and Custer House.


Forward mail to this area by using the following address: Name and rank, General Delivery, Leavenworth, KS 66048. Check with the Leavenworth Postmaster at 4th Street and Shawnee Street, downtown Leavenworth, about any mail that may have arrived for you. For information about Fort Leavenworth mail distribution, call 684-7176.


Fort Leavenworth Phone Info........... 684-4021

Munson Army Health Center............ 684-6000

Army Community Service Info Line 684-HELP (4357)

DSN prefix........................................ 552-xxxx

Channel 2 is the commander’s cable access television station for current Fort Leavenworth announcements, to include weather-related school closings, post schedule changes and special activities.

The Fort Leavenworth Lamp is Fort Leavenworth’s command information publication, prepared by the Public Affairs Office. The newspaper is free and delivered each Thursday to all on-post quarters, as well as to high-traffic areas like the Commissary, the Post Exchange and Munson Army Health Center. The Fort Leavenworth Lamp will keep you updated on community activities and post-related news and sports. Go to to read the latest stories online.

DCS, G8 Travel Support Office

The DCS, G8 Travel Support Office (TSO) is responsible for the management of the Government Issued Travel Card and TDY travel. The TSO is on the south end of the first floor of Bldg. 198 at 600 Thomas Ave. The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, telephone 684-1850.

During in-processing, your Government Issued Travel Card will be transferred to Fort Leavenworth’s control. This is necessary so the TSO can assist you with your Government Issued Travel Card prior to or while TDY. To transfer your Government Issued Travel Card, you must complete the Government Issue Travel Card in-processing form and the Memorandum of Understanding which is reviewed and signed by both you and your supervisor. Both forms will be given to you at the TSO.


You will also be transferred or added to the automated travel system, Defense Travel System (DTS). Use of DTS is mandatory at Fort Leavenworth. We do not use manual orders for TDY. If you are currently in DTS, it is important to contact your installation Organizational Defense Travel Administration (ODTA) Office and out-process with them before arriving at Fort Leavenworth.

If you are not currently in DTS, you will need the following information to complete your registration:

* Name as it appears on your Government/Military ID Card

* AKO e-mail address as it appears on your Government/Military ID Card

* PIN number for your Government/Military ID Card

* Social Security Number

* Electronic funds transfer account information

* Home address and telephone number

* Work address and telephone number


The Adjutant General Office will make a military pay in-processing appointment for you soon after your arrival. For Command and General Staff Officers Course students, however, a centralized in-processing in Eisenhower Hall is scheduled.

The Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) is located in the west end of Bldg. 87 at 823 McClellan Ave. The office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Wednesday 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. DMPO In-processing Section phone numbers are: Military Pay at 684-5722, and PCS Travel at 684-5710. The DMPO does not process TDY Travel. See DCSRM, Travel Support Office information above.

At in-processing you’ll prepare the necessary documents to update your military pay account and process your PCS travel claims for you and your family members.

If you lose an airline ticket and must buy another one, file a “Lost Ticket Application” with the airlines. When you arrive at Fort Leavenworth, take a copy of the application and receipt for the replacement ticket to the DMPO for reimbursement. You should provide a copy of these items to the Transportation Office Passenger Section.

Documents needed to in-process:

  • * PCS orders with all amendments.
  • * Leave Form, DA 31.
  • * Permissive TDY approval for house hunting (DA 31) stamped/verified by the Fort Leavenworth Housing Office, if used.
  • * Plane tickets: government-issued and/or commercially purchased through a government ticket office.
  • * Lodging receipts and a statement on availability of facilities from the Lodging Office if claiming Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE).
  • * Private Vehicle Shipping Document (DD Form 788) if claiming travel to pick up government-shipped POV at port.
  • * Copies of all advances received for pay, travel, airline tickets, DLA, and TDY (if TDY en route).
  • * Receipts for any item claimed $75 and over.
  • * Advance Pay Certification/ Authorization (DD Form 2560) if requesting advance pay. Specialists and below must have their unit commander’s approval.
  • * All Personally Procured Move (PPM) paperwork from Transportation if you had a PPM move.

Transportation & Household Goods

The Transportation Office is at 450 Pope Avenue. The Personal Property Shipping Office is responsible for movement of household goods, storage of household goods, and counseling members for POV shipment. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Telephone 684-5656/5654.

To set up an appointment for outbound transportation you may call the above numbers or come into the office with a set of orders. PPSO will make arrangements to set up delivery of inbound household goods. Delivery will normally be within five working days after the storage facility is notified. However during the peak season (June through August) delivery may be seven to 10 working days after notification.

A Personally Procured Move is a Transportation option that pays you incentive pay for moving yourself. You must make arrangements for a PPM move at the “losing” installation, prior to movement, to be eligible to collect payment. Payment is based on 95 percent of what it would have cost the government to move the same property, less actual expenses and applicable taxes. Claims must be supported with original weigh tickets (empty and full), copies of rental agreements and a list of expenditures.

The Passenger Travel Section is responsible to make arrangements for travelers on orders to include Port Calls for PCS travel, overseas travel arrangements as (PCS and TDY) well as passport applications. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The telephone numbers are 684-4066/4067. Travel Leaders at 450 Pope Ave. makes official travel arrangements and may be reached at 684-3236.

Household Goods Delivery

Only the Transportation Office may arrange delivery from temporary commercial storage to quarters. Delivery will normally be made within five working days after the storage facility is notified. However, during peak season from June through August, delivery may take anywhere from seven to 10 working days after notification.

If you want someone else to receive your property, the person (agent) must be named in writing either on your application for shipment (DD Form 1299), or by informal letter to the individual or to the Transportation Office. Do not name the Transportation Office as the owner’s agent.

Household Goods Claims

When household goods are delivered, check all items for loss or damage before signing any documents. Be sure to list damages in as much detail as possible while your property is being unloaded. The carrier should give you DD Form 1840 (pink form) and ask you to sign the form.

Service members and Department of Defense civilians are now eligible for full replacement value protection for personal property damaged, lost or stolen during most DoD funded property shipments.

Shipments to or from the contiguous United States have had full replacement value protection since last year. Domestic shipment coverage began Nov. 1, 2007, and protection of non-temporary storage shipments and local move/direct procurement method shipments began March 1, 2008.

Claims for full replacement value are made directly with the carrier or through a military claims office. But those who file claims at a military claims office give up the right to have the carrier settle the claim on the basis of full replacement value. The Fort Leavenworth Claims Office will settle claims by paying the depreciated replacement or repair cost, whichever is less.

Claims must be filed with a carrier within nine months of delivery. The carrier will settle the claim by repairing or paying to repair damaged items. For items that are lost, destroyed or damaged beyond repair, the carrier will either replace the item with a new item, or pay the full replacement cost with no depreciation.

A few large items, such as pianos, organs, all-terrain vehicles, personal watercraft, vehicles and motorcycles, as well as firearms and objects of art are not covered by full replacement value protection. Likewise, the carrier cannot replace some missing items with new ones. These are items that have value because of their age, such as collectible figurines, antiques, collectible plates, baseball cards, comic books, and coin and stamp collections.

On full replacement value claims, the carrier is liable for the greater of $5,000 per shipment or $4 times the net weight of the shipment in pounds, up to a maximum limit of $50,000. Those who believe the full replacement value of their property is more than $50,000 may be able to obtain additional coverage at their own expense from a private insurance company or from the carrier, if the carrier offers additional coverage.

In addition, if a claim is filed directly with the carrier within nine months of delivery, the carrier will be responsible for obtaining all repair costs from reputable repair firms or replacement estimates when not repairable.

When claims are filed directly with the carrier more than nine months after delivery, the carrier will only pay the depreciated replacement cost or repair cost, whichever is less. Also, the carrier will not be responsible for obtaining repair or replacement estimates and the carrier will not pay more than $1.25 times the weight of the shipment. For example, if a claim is filed on a 10,000-pound shipment 10 months after delivery, the carrier would not be required to pay more than $12,500.

Finally, claims filed directly with the carrier by mail should be sent by certified mail so that there is a record of the date the claim was submitted. Once the carrier receives a claim, it will have up to 60 days to pay, deny or make a final written offer. Once a claim is settled, the carrier has 30 days to make the payment.

Most claimants will obtain more money for less work if they file directly with the carrier within nine months of delivery. The Fort Leavenworth Claims Office is available to assist in filing claims with carriers, sending DD Form 1840R (the pink form the carrier provides upon delivery of shipment) to the carrier, and providing advice about the fairness of carrier offers.

If a claim is filed directly with the carrier within nine months of delivery and the carrier’s final offer is unsatisfactory or a final offer is not received within 30 days, the claim can be transferred to the claims office. However, the Army cannot pay full replacement value immediately. On transferred claims, the Army will pay the depreciated replacement cost or repair cost, and then try to recover the full replacement value from the carrier. Once the Army has recovered the full replacement value from the carrier, you will be paid the difference between what is recovered from the carrier and the amount already paid to you.

Providing prompt notice of loss and damage is an essential part of the new claims process, whether the claim is filed directly with the carrier or with the claims office.

The carrier’s delivery agent must list all loss and damage discovered upon delivery on the DD Form 1840, which is provided upon delivery of a shipment. Any loss or damage discovered after delivery must be noted on the DD Form 1840R and sent to the carrier by certified mail within 75 days of delivery, or through the claims office within 70 days of delivery; this will ensure the form will be forwarded to the carrier within the 75-day limit. Note that submitting the DD Form 1840R merely gives the carrier notice that a claim may be filed -- it is not filing a claim.

The carrier has the right to inspect the damaged items once it receives the DD Form 1840/1840R forms. Normally the carrier will arrange to inspect goods within 45 days of receipt of the DD Form 1840R, but it has the right to inspect damaged items up until the claim is finally settled. If the carrier does not make contact, call the claims office for further instructions. If retaining the items for long periods will cause a hardship or if you are planning to dispose of any of the items, call the claims office as soon as possible. If the carrier cannot claim an item for salvage, the carrier may reduce its payment for that item by 25 percent, regardless of the actual condition of the item.

The Fort Leavenworth Claims Office at 415 Custer Ave. can help and advise on filing full replacement value claims. Walk-ins are welcome from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Fridays or you may contact the claims office at 684-4948. The claims office is closed for federal holidays.

If you need assistance in obtaining necessary documents (such as the Government Bill of Lading), visit the Personal Property Office on the second floor of the Transportation Office on Pope Avenue, or phone 684-5656.

ACS Loan Closet

The Loan Closet at Army Community Service (ACS) offers 30-day loans of kitchenware, sleeping mats, blankets, cribs, highchairs and other basic items to military personnel and families during transition in and out of Fort Leavenworth.

The Loan Closet is open Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and is located in the basement of the Resiliency Center at 600 Thomas Avenue. Entrance is through the loading dock. Call ahead and an ACS staff member will meet you down there. Call 684-2800 for details.

Traffic Regulations

For the safety of those who live and work on Fort Leavenworth, observe speed limits and pedestrian crosswalks. Note that driving while intoxicated is a serious violation with severe penalties.

Seat belts are mandatory for all vehicle occupants. Children less than 5 years of age or under 45 pounds must be in a car seat.

Per Department of Defense policy, drivers are not allowed to use hand-held cellular phones. Hands-free cell phones are OK, but drivers are encouraged to park before using any cell phone.

Motorcyclists and moped operators are required to wear helmets, eye protection, gloves, long pants, long sleeves, over-the-ankle shoes and reflective vests or clothing.

Bicycles can be registered by the Military Police upon request. On Grant Avenue, bicyclists must use sidewalks. A helmet must be worn when bicycling on Fort Leavenworth.

Reflective clothing is required for running/jogging during hours of limited visibility. The use of headphones while running/jogging on-post is permitted only when on sidewalks, and must be removed when crossing streets. Walkers must also remove headphones when crossing streets. Runners and joggers should use sidewalks whenever possible. Running/jogging is never allowed in the roadway on Grant Avenue. Bicycles, runners/joggers and pets are not allowed in the National Cemetery.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is required on Fort Leavenworth. Bring state registration, identification card, proof of insurance and a valid driver license to the Provost Marshal Office on McPherson Avenue. Every vehicle must have liability insurance coverage not less than the minimum prescribed by Kansas law.

Military Affidavit: If you are not a Kansas legal resident, you can avoid paying the annual Kansas personal property tax on your vehicle(s) by completing an affidavit for tax exemption. These affidavits are available at the Leavenworth County Treasurer’s Office. The County Treasurer’s Office requires the following: Leave and Earnings Statement, military identification card, permanent change of station orders to Fort Leavenworth, vehicle inspection (for vehicles with out-of-state titles), a tax affidavit and vehicle title. Call the County Treasurer’s Office at 684-0430 for more information on vehicle registration.

Driver License: Active-duty service members stationed at Fort Leavenworth and their family members who are not legal residents of Kansas are not required to get a Kansas driver license. If someone’s driver license expires while they are stationed here, Kansas requires them to renew their home state driver license or get a Kansas driver license to ensure that they maintain a current license.

Overseas Plates and Vehicle Pick up: Personnel coming from overseas may use overseas license plates for no more than 45 days from vehicle’s arrival in the United States. After that period, vehicles must be registered within the United States and display state license plates. Kansas law prohibits display of overseas plates in front with a valid state license plate in rear.

Contact the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) for overseas vehicles arriving to Fort Leavenworth at 1-800-275-3706. Personnel can file a travel voucher to claim miles driven to and from the VPC.

Recreational Vehicles: Boats, campers, trailers, motor homes and other RVs cannot be parked in housing areas or other public parking areas. Two secure on-post lots are available to secure RVs. Visit Arts, Crafts and Ticket in Truesdell Hall at Grant and Stimson avenues to reserve a space. If there are no available spaces, RVs must be parked off post.

Weapon Registration

All privately owned firearms, including air rifles, BB guns and paintball guns, must be registered with the Provost Marshal Office within 72 hours of arrival for those living in temporary or permanent quarters, and for those bringing a weapon on post for any reason to include hunting and range firing.

It’s illegal to carry a concealed firearm on post, even for those who possess a Kansas concealed-carry permit. Weapons transported in a vehicle on post must be unloaded and locked in the trunk or openly displayed in the vehicle. Weapons cannot be left in any vehicle that is not occupied by an adult.

Uniform Policy

The Army Combat Uniform is a field, utility, training, and combat uniform, not an all-purpose uniform, so Soldiers should normally wear the Class A or B green service uniform off post.

Soldiers may not wear the ACU off post while:

  • * In any bar, club, or any establishment whose primary purpose is to serve or sell alcoholic beverages.
  • * While consuming alcoholic beverages off-post.
  • Soldiers may not wear a combination of military and civilian clothing except as authorized by regulation.


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