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The United States is extending its military presence at Al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar for 10 years after reaching a “quiet” agreement earlier this week. The base houses more than 10,000 US troops and is the largest US military facility in the Middle East.

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US Strengthens Ties With Major Non-Nato Ally

Although the deal has not been publicly announced and the Department of Defense has yet to make a statement, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin did recently make a visit to Al Udeid, where he spoke to the press, thanking Qatar for investing billions of dollars in replacing temporary buildings with permanent structures and constructing hardened walls to revamp the base.

The Secretary of Defense stated, “I especially wanted to be here today to share that Qatar and the United States will formally take steps forward to expand and reinforce our bilateral defense relationship.” He also praised Qatar’s commitment to sharing “significant resources” with Al-Udeid Air Base.

These investments came to be after the Department of Defense nominated Qatar as a “major non-NATO ally” for the U.S. According to the Department of State, major non-Nato ally status gives foreign partners defense trade and security cooperation benefits. With the start of the Israel-Hamas War in 2023, the US has been steadily expanding its presence in the Middle East. This is so that troops stationed throughout the region receive the support they need.

A Strategic Negotiating Partner

Qatar, an Islamic, semi-constitutional monarchy, has been strengthening its ties with the United States as of late. In fact, it has been functioning as a go-between for the US and Hamas during the hostage release negotiations. Interestingly, Qatar has been pivotal in geopolitics involving the United States before.

It has also been revealed that Qatar was a critical negotiating partner for the release of hostages in Venezuela. Furthermore, after the US pullout from Afghanistan, thousands of refugees could enter the Al-Udeid Air Base in Doha, Qatar.

Qatar has received criticism for its connections with the Palestinian militant group that committed the October 7 Israel attacks. However, they have responded that Qatar only allowed Hamas to open a political office in Doha after a request from the US.

Implications For The Future – The Al Udeid Air Base Qatar

The Al Udeid Air Force Base In Doha, Qatar, is a vital part of our military’s presence in the Middle East and houses multiple Commands from both the US and allied militaries.

This deal exemplifies the strong relationship between the US and Qatar. Additionally, it helps ensure our troops’ safety both on base and in the region. This long-term commitment suggests great future cooperation between the US and Qatar.

By increasing the depth of our relationship with allies in the region, such as Qatar, our military can better protect its allies, interests, and our servicemen and women overseas.

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